As the premier Indian site offering designer and customisable cellphone cases, DailyObjects strives to raise the bar for product design & originality in the country.

We use the latest technologies to provide our customers with products that are as durable as they are delightful. We stand behind our products with an industry leading warranty policy and a level of customer service previously unseen in India.

All with the goal of providing you with a truly unique, wow-inspiring experience.

Who are we?

We are a group of serial entrepreneurs who love great design. We've worked in the customer care, technology, finance and marketing domains. We wanted to start a design focused company that puts innovative and original design from around the world into the hands of Indian consumers, quite literally.

Since 2012, we've done exactly this; selling India's widest range of cellphone cases, with more than 1000 designs, available for over 75 phone models and a number of customisable cases that is limited only by your imagination. Thus, DailyObjects was born.

Why cellphone cases?

Today, everyone carries a cellphone. However, cellphones are mass manufactured products that leave little room for personal expression. Whether you want to tell the world who your favourite superhero is or how much you love your mom, a custom case is a great way to do it. You may not be able to wear a Real Madrid football jersey to work but you can definitely show your support with a designer cellphone case.

Unlike your phone, you can change your case as often you like. Buy a dozen and swap them around daily. The possibilities are endless. This makes the cellphone case the perfect Daily Object.

Why us?

It was when we were looking for cellphone accessories for ourselves that we realised that Indian consumers do not have access to high quality cellphone cases that are beautifully designed and skilfully manufactured.

The available options had uninspiring designs and were made using outdated technologies. This resulted in cases that could not stand up to being used everyday and designs that peeled off within a few months. We make our cases using the latest MT3 technology, which ensures that the designs on our custom cases never peel, tear or fade.

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