Bags and Sleeves for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

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Finally! A stylish Kind Paperwhite Sleeve!

We heard you and we are finally making sleeves available to buy online for one of the most popular tablet devices in India. Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is our favourite version of their popular e-readers. The Paperwhite has a very high resolution screen that is indiscernible from real paper and it also has a backlight for those late night reading sessions in bed or on a plane, without disturbing anyone. But we hate the Kindle Cases that are available for it. First of all they make the Kindle much heavier. Secondly they add a flap to it that gets in the way while you're reading. What you need is a simple sleeve for the Kindle that protects the screen from scratches while its in your bag or luggage but gets out of the way when you actually want to get some reading done.

Introducing, DailyObjects Kindle Paperwhite sleeves!

If you agree, our designer Kindle Paperwhite sleeves are exactly what you’ve been looking for. Snug, form-fitting, low profile sleeves that protect your Kindle but you can just slip it in or take it our without having to mess about with a zip or a button even. Much better than any cases or bags for Kindle Paperwhite that you may see elsewhere. It gets better though, like all our designer goods, our Kindle PaperWhite Sleeves aren't just about function, they're beautiful as well. This is because they feature incredible art from around the world. We have a collection of over 7000 designs and these are available for your Kindle now. So no matter what your style is, now you can buy a sleeve for your Paperwhite that reflects it. Each DailyObjects Kindle Paperwhite Sleeve features a PU leather front featuring a photo-realistic design and a genuine leather back. The back also has a full-width pocket for extra storage.