Bags and Sleeves for Amazon Kindle Voyage

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Designer Kindle Sleeves you’ll love!

If you aren't happy with the boring cases and bags for Kindle Voyage that are you can buy online in India right now, you're going to be thrilled with the new DailyObjects designer Kindle Voyage Sleeves that we have just launched! We love the Kindle Voyage. For people who like physical buttons and would rather push a button to flip a page rather than swipe or tap on a screen, the price premium of the Voyage is well worth the additional cost. The adaptive light also means that you never turn on your Voyage at midnight and get blinded because the last time you read it was at the beach at noon. But we digress. The reason we hate most Cases and bags for Kindle Voyage is that they add so much bulk or weight to the device that it becomes a handful, quite literally. That plus the flap that you have to fold back and hold on to means that flip-cases for the Kindle Voyage are a non-starter for us. Which is why we have designed our Kindle Voyage Sleeves to be simple and minimal. They protect your Voyage while you aren't using it but when you are, you just slip it out of the sleeve and use it as you normally would.

Style for your Voyage!

Our Kindle Voyage sleeves are made to be hassle free so they have no buttons or zippers, just an opening on top. A pocket on the back provides extra storage and the entire back is made out genuine leather that is dry milled so it looks as lovely as it feels. The front, featuring the design is made out of PU leather so that image looks photo-realistic with our micron precise imaging technology, plus there are over 7000 amazing designs to choose from!.