Bags and Sleeves for iPad Mini 4

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Our stylish iPad sleeves are finally here!

Our customers have been asking for tablet sleeves for a long time and we’re now happy to be able to make available our new range of designer sleeves for iPad Mini 4 and some other of the most popular tablet type devices in India. Our iPad designer sleeves combine the best features of our designer goods and our leather goods, from the Handmade by DO lineup. One the front of our iPad 4 Mini sleeves are the same incredible designs from around the world that we have exclusively licensed to create India’s largest art collection of its kind. The front of the sleeve featuring the artwork is made out of PU leather that looks and feels just like real leather. The back of the sleeve however, is made from genuine leather that has been dry-milled to make it smooth and supple. The back of each iPad Mini Sleeve also feature a full-width pocket to carry cables, a book or whatever else you need to take with you, securely. The top of the sleeve is completely open to allow you to take your iPad in and out of the sleeve easily, without the need to mess with any buttons or zippers.

Protect and personalise your iPad!

Face it. Your iPad may be your most personal device but it is just like any other mass produced product and there are millions just like it around the world. Wouldn't you like to give your iPad a little personalisation? Sleeves or bags for iPad Mini 4 are the best way to do this because they let you protect your iPad screen from scratches and also add some style to the device. All our iPad Mini 4 Sleeves come with a lifetime guarantee on the design. If the design on your iPad Mini Sleeve ever fades or wears off, we will replace it.