Bags and Sleeves for iPad Pro 12.9

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The iPad Pro Sleeves you've been looking for!

The 12.9” iPad Pro is huge. Almost as large as Apple’s smallest laptop, the 11” MacBook Air. So adding a case to it isn't something that a lot of people are very keen on. Most cases just add bulk and weight to the iPad Pro and if they are the kind of case that has a flap in the front then that isn't are either. The flap is always getting in the way and tucking it behind the iPad isn't always a great solution either. So what do you do if you want to keep your iPad Pro protected from bumps and drops and you also want to keep that huge brilliant display scratch and smudge free? We think we’ve got the answer, in the form of our Designer Sleeves for iPad Pro 12.9 and the smaller version as well.

Why are our sleeves better?

Well, lets start with the fact that they are simple sleeves. You carry or store your iPad in the sleeve when you aren't using it and when you want to use your iPad you simply slip it out of the sleeve and use it. There are no buttons, zippers or flaps on our iPad Pro sleeves. The snug, form-fitting design of the sleeves keeps your iPad protected from bumps and scratches and there’s even a full width pocket on the back to carry other odds and ends like cables or a pair of headphones. Not only are our iPad sleeves more practical than other bags for iPad pro 12.9, they are also a lot more stylish, with a real leather back and a PU leather front that features some amazing art in photorealistic quality. We have over 7000 exclusive designs to choose from so you can find the iPad Pro sleeve that is perfect for you.