Bags and Sleeves for iPad Pro 9.7

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Designer sleeves for your iPad!

If you hate iPad cases, DailyObjects designer sleeves for iPad Pro 9.7 are perfect for you! Lets us explain. You probably hate cases because they make your iPad heavy and bulky. You hate to have to fold the flap back when your holding your iPad and you hate the have to flip it open every time you want to use your iPad. Those are all valid criticisms. we aren't huge fans of the usual flip cases for iPads and other tablets either. But it is nice to have some protection for that gorgeous screen on the iPad. We hate scratched displays and it really bugs us when we’re using a display that is scuffed or scratched. So what do you do if you hate cases but you want to protect your iPad display too? How do you store and carry your iPad? Well, one solutions is to have a bag just for your iPad. There are plenty of bags for bags for iPad Pro 9.7 but do want to be carrying a separate bag just for your iPad? Isn't the whole point of the iPad that it is a powerful, portable computing device that you can just slip into any bag and go?

Introducing, the DailyObjects Designer Sleeve

The DailyObjects Designer Sleeve for the iPad Pro is the perfect answer. It is a minimal, snug fitting sleeve that you can just slip your iPad into when you want to keep it protected in your bag or your luggage, or your drawer even. When you want to use your iPad, just slip it out and use it sans case. It’s the best of both worlds! Plus, our iPad Sleeves are incredibly stylish, with exclusive artwork on the front, real leather on the back and a large pocket for cables and other odds & ends.