A1 Designer Cases & Back Covers

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Designer Cases for your Gionee A1

Gionee has launched the latest phone in its lineup and we’re pleased to announce that DailyObjects already has designer cases for A1, the latest Gionee model. So, if you're one of the many people who made the right choice with the Gionee A1, you can make another great decision and buy yourself a Leather Wallet for Gionee A1, from India’s largest seller of smartphone cases! Each of our designer leather wallet cases is handcrafted, with a front made of PU leather, on to which we put one of our exclusive designs. The rest of the wallet case is made of real leather that has been dry-milled to look, feel and even smell quite wonderful. What’s even better is that since we use real leather for most of the case, like all real leather products, our leather covers for Gionee A1 get better as they age, taking on a lovely, worn patina.

A Leather Wallet you'll love.

Our Leather wallet cases don't just protect your Gionee though. With a full length pocket on the back, you can carry your cards and even some cash, so that when you leave the house with our leather wallet for Gionee A1, you've got one less thing to remember to take and one less thing to carry. With a completely open top, you can just slip your phone in and out of your wallet case without any hassle. Stick your phone in the wallet with the headphone jack facing out to listen to music or upside down so you can charge your phone without taking it out of the case. So browse through our huge range of leather pouches and find one that is perfect of your and your new Gionee A1. With our full range available online, we’re sure you’ll find lots of cases that you absolutely love. You can buy them right here online and we ship all over India!