Honor 8 Designer Cases & Back Covers

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Over 5000 cases for your Honor 8

Huawei’s brand new Honor 8 is possibly one of the most under-the-radar smartphone releases we’ve seen recently. If this wasn't a phone from a Chinese manufacturer, it would have been one of the hottest phones in India this year. As is stands however, Huawei is quickly becoming a household name in India, at least among Android phone fans and now that the Honor 8 is available to buy online, it is sure to hasten the process.

Cool cases for the great Honor 8.

The reason that we’ve been so eager to launch our range of incredibly stylish designer Honor 8 cases is that it is a very good phone with only one real weakness, which is that it looks a little anonymous. Sure, the Honor 8 has a beautifully made all metal body with jewel-like bevelled edges and a very high level of fit and finish but the fact is that it looks a bit boring. The completely featureless back with no curves or even humps feels a bit characterless despite housing 2 cameras, a dual-tone flash and even a fingerprint sensor. Also, the Huawei logo on the phone doesn't inspire the kind of brand loyalty that some other smartphone makers’ logos do. The best thing any buyer of the phone can do to add a little personality to it is to buy themselves a Huawei Honor 8 case. DailyObjects is the place to do it too. We’ve got over five thousands designer cases for Honor 8 and no matter what your personal style or what your favourite colour is, you’re bound to find many cases you will absolutely love.

Custom cases for the Honor 8

For owners who aren't enthused by our designer Honor 8 mobile covers, DailyObjects also offers India’s only custom Honor 8 Case line-up. Use your own photos to create a one-of-a-kind custom Huawei Honor 8 case that is truly like no other in the world!