Nokia 6 Designer Cases & Back Covers

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Nokia is back and we’ve got cases!

It’s been a long time but one of the most iconic brands in India is finally back in the market. Nokia has had a very rough decade, going from possibly the most beloved cellphone brand ever to being bought by Microsoft and eventually killed. Now Nokia is finally doing what they probably should have almost a decade ago. Releasing an Android based smartphone. Now Nokia is finally back in India and every Indian who has fond memories of the first Nokia cellphone that they ever owned, back in the late nineties, can relive the glory days again with a Nokia phone in their pockets! We are more excited than you can possibly imagine about this and we are already ready for the launch of the first Nokia in ages, with designer cases for Nokia 6 phones!

Protect your new Nokia!

That’s right DailyObjects has over 7000 incredible designer cases for the the new Nokia 6. Each case is precision manufactured to fit on your Nokia perfectly and protect it from scratches and bumps. Each design on our case is an exclusively licensed design from our curated art collection, the largest of its kind in India. All our designer cases for Nokia 6 phones are covered by our lifetime warranty on the design. If your Nokia 6 case ever scratches, peels or chips, we will replace the case for free, forever. If the largest collection of designer cases that you can buy online isn't enough for you, we even give you the option of creating your own, one of a kind Nokia 6 custom case, right here on our site. Its easy & simple and takes just five minutes! So go ahead, protect and show-off your new Nokia! It’s been a long time we’ve been waiting to be able to say that!