OnePlus 3T Designer Cases & Back Covers

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Cases for the hot new OnePlus 3T!

Barely six months after OnePlus released its latest and greatest new smartphone for 2016, the company has gone and one-upped itself by launching the new onePlus 3T. They haven’t just added a new model though. One of the favourite midrange phones in India has just been discontinued or replaced, depending upon how you look at it. The new OnePlus 3T is the new flagship phone from the company and the latest version of what it likes to call its flagship killer phone. For Indian customers who were planning to get themselves a OnePlus 3 for Christmas this is great news because for a little more money you should get a pretty nice specification upgrade. However, if you're hoping this means prices on the replaced model will go down, you're probably going to be disappointed.

We’ve got cases already!

If you’re one of the lucky people to get your hands on the new 3T early though, we’ve got great news because DailyObjects already has designer OnePlus 3T cases! It’s kind of a cheat though because there are no external differences between the new 3T and it’s sans T predecessor. What this means is that we also have the largest collection of cases for the OnePlus 3T that you can buy in India. Our designer and custom OnePlus 3T cases all fit the new phone as perfectly as they fit the old one. With a precision moulded design that fits your phone perfectly without adding weight or bulk, our cases look as good as they feel. Perfect cutouts for the camera, flash and all your accessories mean that the case never gets in the way either.

Custom and clear OnePlus 3T cases too!

If designer cases aren't your thing, we also have custom OnePlus 3T cases and also, the only designer clear OnePlus 3T covers available to buy in India. All our cases are available online right here, they all come with DailyObjects lifetime guarantee on the designs and a 30 day exchange guarantee too!