10 Best Functional Daily Objects you can gift in 2021

We bid 2020 a bittersweet goodbye, in an effort to keep close the memories it gave us with our loved ones. To all the people who made a difference to our daily lives, let’s gift them solutions to ease their days, like they did for us.

Here is a list of 10 Daily Objects that will work great as gifts in 2021, and will have more value than a Photo Frame!

#1 HALO DOCK STAND for all the times your buddy complained that their Apple Watch and iPhone hung loosely with charging cords. You will be the best friend, and we’d be in the corner smirking!

#2 THE WIELD, a sterilizer when you are on the go. I mean with a Pandemic looming large still, this had to be on the list of gifts to give. Show your loved ones your care by keeping them safe.

#3 Now that we are talking about the pandemic, how can we not talk about the new normal- Working from Home. DESK TRIO BUNDLE is a compilation of vegan leather desk mat, mousepad, and a desk tray that give any working an elegant edge.

#4 Apple Inc. has the world talking with their new launches- iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Mini/ iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 12 Pro Max. Here’s a collection of ultra protective STRIDE Cases in varied themes for the different personalities your loved ones carry.

#5 Laptops in this year have proven to be our best pals, sticking by us through thick and thin of 2020. This daily object deserves more support than ever in 2021. Gift it the support of Osgo Folding Laptop/Tablet Stand, designed for the ones that love working on the move.

#6 We all know that one person who is on the lookout for the newest Apple Watch. No! You don’t have to gift them the watch (they must’ve bought it already), the most giftable daily object for this Apple fan has to be the Tan Two-stitch Handmade Leather Apple WatchBand.

#7 The most loved daily objects of 2020 were anything that solved the work from home woes. But as we enter 2021, traveling is on our minds. For the eager beavers in your life, the most giftable thing has to be the Keeper Tri-Fold RFID Wallet to keep the currency & cards safe from theft while they explore the new normal world.

#8 2020 has put us in many situations, but the one that was stickiest to get out was when we couldn’t park the smartphones at the right angle to enjoy movie night with bae. Gift them, and get one for yourself, the Klamp – Phone Holder For Laptop/Desktop Screen .

#9 So the smartphones, laptops, and even smartwatches have a tinge of personality of their user, but the Airpods Cases don’t? How is that fair. In 2021, gift PONCHO Airpods Case Skin to that colourful friend of yours.

#10 How do we wrap up the list of most loved daily objects of 2020 without talking about the uber genius CLOAK Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector. A functional gift that protects privacy on smartphones, along with the screen damage. Lesser known fact- There’s a CLOAK for all your devices (get searchin!)