10 Best Gifts Ideas for the Women of 2021

Although each day is meant for celebrating the struggles that enable the women of 2021 to rise, 8th March is marked as an International Day to commemorate the achievements of women on multiple fronts, while still lobbying for accelerated gender parity.

We at DailyObjects have curated a list of 10 best ideas to congratulate the significant women in your lives with gifts that are not just functional but also mindful of their individualism.

1. The Angelic Type

You know, that angel face/heart who will appear out of no where just in time to get you out of a rut like it was no big deal. For them, gift the Halo-Apple Watch & iPhone Stand. It is a stand for your smartwatch and smartphone and a charging dock, it is their home for rest after long days on wrists and in pockets. It is what you thought you needed, but didn’t know existed- just like your Angle!

2. The Over Protective Type

We know her, we have sometimes endured her, but what will we ever do without her? She may be your mom, your sister, or your can-never-say-no boss. But they are always around to catch you when you fall and even keep you from breaking down. For them gift them the protection of Stride Clear Case and Cloak Privacy Glass Screen Protector. It may not be the same but the combination keeps the smartphone protected from fall damages and cracks.

3. The Champion Supporter

It is not possible that you don’t have that one person who will support you through your tough times. They are there to keep you from falling, and always keep you motivated in life. For them, gift the Osgo – Folding Laptop/Tablet Stand and Klamp – Phone Holder For Laptop/Desktop Screen. It is a combination of stands for laptops and phones to keep them in an upright position, while improving their viewing angles and multi-tasking needs.

4. The Pocket size Wonder

These people are underestimated for their timid demeanour, sometimes owed to their petite sizes. But wonderous they are when need be. If you know them, you know of their charm. Such is the virtue of the Wield-Pocket UV-C Sterilizer. It fits in your pocket yet it can sterilize the surface of nearly everything in your vicinity. A especially perfect gift to give in the times of Covid-19 virus.

5. The Workaholic Type

Don’t we all know this one hard worker who is always by their desk, hustling to fulfil visions? Sometimes we are them. Celebrate their hustle, and show them how awestruck their endeavours have left you. Gift them the Desk Trio Bundle- Limited Edition to keep them motivated and people around them inspired.

6. The Methodical Type

You only hear the phrase, ‘method to madness’ unless you have the methodical lady by your side. Its their passion to put things in a place, so much so that misplacement to them is literal explosion of nerves. Before that happens, gift them a unique combination of organisers to keep their edgy nerves calm. The tiny organisers, like Wrap Lock Cable Bind, Clip-On Cable Stickers, Oblong Silicone Pouch are an ultimate hack to keep cables sorted wherever you need them to be. And they are so nifty, easily housed in the Jumbo Taxi Organiser for when your methodical friend needs to get moving.

7. The Bold and Fearless

You know, that person who most finds owning their truth is the highest road to take and who aren’t afraid to take it even if it means admitting to follies. For that evolved woman of today, we created a set of artworks in the QUEEN Collection and put them on the most used/loved daily objects, These artworks are inspired from the women of 2021 who own up their lives and do so with as much vibrancy as possible. Gift your Queen a Tote bag, Crossbody bags, Pouch, Wallet, or a Phone Case and let them know you know they RUN THE WORLD!

8. The Elegance Epitomised

Elegance is not being noticed, but being remembered. And Classics are immemorable. For that person in your life who shall remain unhinged and classic, gift them a match for their grandeur- The Rose Gold Milanese Loop Watchband for Apple Watches. The watchstrap oozes evergreen on the wrist around a modern technology that is nothing short of wonders in itself. The loop is made delicately to innovate and match the modernity of the Apple Watch.

9. The Street Smart

You can’t deny the coarseness of the world out there, especially when your street smart Sheila keeps reminding you of it. They want to be prepared and always careful when they step-out, this Women’s Day equip them. Gift them the Keeper Tri-Fold RFID Wallet and the Scout Crossbody Bag to keep away them protected from the digital thefts while stocked with just enough of essentials as they head out in the brave new world.

10. The Tech Junkie

That one person who can never have enough of technology and latest gadgets, is a boon and a bane. She will be your go-to for tech advise (the boon) but you are their go-to when they need to crib about the mess their tech causes (the bane). The last gift idea (but not the least on DailyObjects) is for them and for you. Marshal Tech Kit Organiser is sorts and stores tech accessories for an organised desk and a hassle free travel bag. Marshal is designed to give all your tech Junk a special place to avoid entanglements and misplacements.

Are you still not sure where all your special ladies fit in? Just know, they don’t. They have a personality of their and anything you gift them thoughtfully would be just perfect. Find awesome gifts at dropped prices at https://www.dailyobjects.com/, only for a limited duration.