Our 10 favourite #dailyObjects selfies of 2015!

Another year is almost over! 2015 has been great for us at DailyObjects and we hope you’ve had a great year too. Throughout the year, people have sent us awesome selfies on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we’ve saved each and every one of them. Your photographs mean a lot to us and it is really great to see people using and loving the DailyObjects that we put so much work into making. Continue reading “Our 10 favourite #dailyObjects selfies of 2015!”

We’re making gorgeous designer MacBook Sleeves!

We’ve got big news! Okay, we sort of gave it away with the title but we’re really excited and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. Unlike probably any other online store you’ve seen, DailyObjects has only sold customisable and designer smartphone cases and we were really proud of them (we still are). We did one thing and we did it right (if we say so ourselves 😉 Customers love our cases and we are constantly expanding our collection of thousands of exclusive pieces of artwork. Continue reading “We’re making gorgeous designer MacBook Sleeves!”