New from DailyObjects: Designer Clear Cases!

At DailyObjects we’re always looking for ways to make our accessories better, whether in terms of how functional they are, how well they’re built or how cool they look!

While we’ve been selling designer cases for more than a couple of years now, there’s been an increasing number of people we’ve seen using just a clear case on their phones. This trend is more pronounced amongst people who have high-end phones that have an all metal construction, such as iPhones or Samsung’s flagship Galaxy lineup of phones. Continue reading “New from DailyObjects: Designer Clear Cases!”

TV & Tetris: The pop culture inspired art of Joe Van Wetering.

Our latest new artist is Joe Van Wetering from Chicago in the United States. Fittingly enough Joe’s art is inspired by pop culture and nature; since he’s from the country that gives the world its pop culture references. Joe says he likes to explore the continuously developing relationship between colour and space, creating abstract visions of everyday life through his artwork. Continue reading “TV & Tetris: The pop culture inspired art of Joe Van Wetering.”

Get your sh*t together with DailyObjects Leather Cable Wraps!

If you’re anything at all like us, you carry around a ton of tech with you every single day. At the very least, a smartphone but probably a laptop as well. Maybe even a tablet or an e-reader, perhaps a portable hard disk or two, a smart-watch, the list could go on but you get our point. Personal tech is inescapable. We all live with it and lets be honest, we can’t do without it. Continue reading “Get your sh*t together with DailyObjects Leather Cable Wraps!”