10 Classic iPhone Cases We Love!

DailyObjects has over 7000 amazing designer cases available for almost every really popular phone in India. There are designs for everyone and no matter what your personal sense of style or personality, there’s definitely a DailyObjects designer phone case that is perfect for you. Some designs though, are just so classic that we think anyone will love them and almost anyone can carry them off. These designs are timeless rather than trendy and more classy & stylish rather than fashionable at the moment. Continue reading “10 Classic iPhone Cases We Love!”


People have said Alex Ander is a genius. They’re dead wrong. Anyone who says that is an idiot. Including him. Especially him.

He’s more of a dreamer. A watcher and gullible weirdo– perpetual optimist, even from within the lion’s den. He’s the type of guy who’d rather write in the third person than acknowledge the “I”. Continue reading “Alex Ander_ IDIOT, GENIUS, SOMEDAY-PHILANTHROPIST”

Our favourite DailyObjects photos of 2016 + Weekly Giveaway 2017!

It’s a new year once again and DailyObjects has had a great 2016, thanks to all of you who bought our products and supported our brand.

We’ve constantly reposted the incredible images DailyObjects buyers have sent us and to give a little back to all of you, we’ve decided to do a weekly giveaway! That’s right, every week in 2017, team DailyObjects will pick our favourite photograph posted by you on social media and give away a free DailyObjects smartphone case of the winner’s choice! That’s 52 DailyObjects cases up for grabs this year, all completely FREE, FREE, FREE! Continue reading “Our favourite DailyObjects photos of 2016 + Weekly Giveaway 2017!”