CLOAK Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector: WHAT YOU GET WITH IT?

The Cloak Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes with an Applicator Kit for hassle free, easy application of screen protector on the screens. The Kit is put together to disable mishaps and wastes that might occur while placing a screen guard, because we know there have been many.

The elements are thoughtfully placed to accommodate the evolution of our inconveniences. From stubborn residual dust, to misplaced to bubbled-up screen guards, the Applicator Kit is an ally for your iPhone Screen. 
In the Applicator Kit- Microfiber Cloth, Dust Absorber, Aligning Tray, Glass Screen Protector, and Wet Wipe.

The Applicator Kit

A Microfiber cloth is a prerequisite you expect with all screen protectors. The one available in the Applicator Kit is finely stitched and positively charged. This means that it attracts the dirt and dust, and grease of fingerprint smudges off your screen which are inherently negatively charged. 

The Microfiber Cloth

For better and spotless cleaning, use the Dust Absorber after. With the help of the adhesive property of the sticker, you can pull off the residual dust. 

The Dust Absorber

The Aligning Tray is precisely cut according to iPhones and ensures that the screen protector isn’t misplaced at any point. 

Now, HOW TO APPLY the Cloak Privacy Glass Screen Protector?

You can do it in three easy steps- 

Set Stick Swipe

Find the niches for buttons in the Aligning Tray and SET it around the edges of the phone.

The Aligning Tray

Once set, peel off the back film from the screen protector and STICK it on the phone screen. To stick the screen guard align the screen guard on one edge of the screen and then gently place it on the remaining edges.

The Screen Protector

For a Bubble-free, Rainbow-free result, SWIPE across the phone from left to right and from top to bottom with the wet wipe, gently. 

The Wet Wipe

Viola! You placed a Screen protector like Pros. 

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