EVERYTHING YOU NEED to upscale your iPhone 12 Experience

Expectations rising, minds wondering- What will be new in the NEW Apple iPhone, 12th in the series?

How we predict to add to iPhone 12. (Source- iSpazio)

The World Thinks-

Experts all over the world are decoding the e-vite sent by Apple for their virtual event on October 13th, 2020. Although, far from conclusions, some predictions about the smartphones are pretty solid- High speed 5g Internet Connectivity, OLED display technology in 12 Hz display.

What we think-

For our astute patronage, we have been making predictions about the design and physical form of the handset. We believe the Apple iPhone is tracking back on their previous designs, specifically iPhone 4. A flatter edge for all its varying screen sizes, in models- iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

How we have worked around what you seek-

As a result, we will be bringing, to your iPhone 12 cases and covers– that would care for it without needing caring of its own. These accessories are thoughtfully aligned with features that would upscale your iPhone12.

How? Read on.

A Design Enhancer– A phone case that would retain the Smartphone’s tactile button finish, and keep up with the various models. A smooth finish to those (predictably) sharp edges.

A Safe Environment- Any smartphone as valuable as the iPhone 12- looks, features, and functionality- needs ultra security on all accounts. Perhaps from accidental falls, scratches, dents, and deformation.

Extension to privacy- iPhone has always been expressive about the importance of privacy. We invented an effective way to keep their words. A screen protector that will give you autonomy of your content- share it as you like and prevent it when you don’t. 

An all-encompassing seal- When you are carrying an Apple product, we don’t want you to carry it with trapped dust and lint, and eavesdroppers. The case and cover will be a perfect combination- an air-bag for your phone and secret-keeper for your screen.

What we are trying to say is that our solution is a care package for your iphone 12. It is everything you asked for and little more.
When? The launch will be around the same time Apple launches its iPhone 12.