Tech Kit Organiser- Categorises your Tech junk’s Chaos

Never have we ever been this close to technology, than today and NOW. Our professions, vacations, conversations, and even mini excursions are impossible without technology leading the way.

With elevation of the tech we operate, the accessories that keep them operational are also upgrading. As important it is to preserve our beloved gadgets, so imperative is to maintain these accessories. No, not just stuffing in that old airline’s merchandised pouches. Those aren’t just outdated solutions but also hassling.

Well, of course, we have a replacement- Marshal Tech Kit Organiser. It manages the messy bags you take hours to sort, only by housing all your accessories in one place but without coming in each other’s way.

In Marshal Tech Kit Organiser categorise the chaos.


Is photography your bread and butter? Don’t you keep wishing for an outfit that would embrace all your memory cards, lenses?
Are you bit by the travel bug? How do you keep those tangling cords from wrapping your power bank?
Did the pandemic drop the bomb of online classes on you and the biggest dread you face is when you have to pack your set up and take those classes elsewhere?
Musician? Gamer? Designer? Artist? Corporate Chump? Full-time Freelancer? The Marshal Tech Kit Organiser is the answer to all the woes on this list, keeping up with the dynamic needs of urbanisation.

Marshal Tech Kit Organiser manages tech accessories and keeps you on top of your game even on the go.


Marshal Tech Kit Organiser can be fit into tense spaces without damaging contents inside.

The size of Marshal is its key feature for it is meant to fit in tight spaces without deforming because of the foam make of it. But that doesn’t compromise on the capacity of storage that the kit is enabled to accomplish. It stores everything from cables and cords, to charging plugs and power banks, from data cables to pen drives and memory cards, from wireless mouse and stylus pen to wireless earphones-just name it.


When we designed Marshal, we asked ourselves if we could make the same solution, similar storage units, but smaller. And we could. Marshal Mini Tech Organiser can in-hold only a slight less than Marshal but with same efficiency.

Marshal Tech Kit Organiser and Marshal Mini Tech Kit hold fast all the essential tech accessories.


You didn’t think we would make your functional Daily Object without having its own swag. The earthy vibrant colours of Marshal and Marshal Mini are perfect to upscale your look while upholding your essentials in a clean space.

Vibrant Canvas cover and contrast coloured cotton for inner pockets and fine accents.

Live on the website, Marshal is yours for you to explore and shop!