Vibes Collection Is Inspired By Moods You Can Relate To

We all go through different emotions and different moods throughout the day. Some end up making you feel lazy and some just end up with you needing a vacation. Vibes Collection is inspired by all these different moods so you can let everyone know and literally carry your mood with you everywhere. This bright, colourful collection is the perfect way to let people know what you’re feeling when you’re feeling it. Here’s a look at thirteen new phone case designs you can pick from based on your mood. What even better? You can change them whenever your mood changes. 

I Don’t Care

Does your weekday end with you thinking to yourself that you just don’t care? This case is the perfect way to let people know that without actually saying it. 

I Don't Care Glass Case
I Don’t Care Glass Case


If only every day was a Sunday, life would be so much easier. But if at all you’re having Sunday vibes on a Monday, we have the perfect case for you. 

Sundaying Vibes Collection
Sundaying Glass Case

Me Time

Some days you’re not looking for any interaction, you just need a little ‘me time’ for yourself. 

Me Time Glass Case
Me Time Glass Case


Looking for a day off where you could just sit on your couch and unwind? This phone case will give that exact same vibes.

Vibes Unwind Case
Unwind Glass Case

Sassy Me

Tired of agreeing with people when they say you’re too sassy for them? Well, just hold up your phone and show them next time. 

Sassy Me Glass Case
Sassy Me Glass Case

Flying High

Who said you can’t always be in the mood to be by yourself all the time? And who said it’s not fun?

Fly High Glass Case
Flying High Glass Case


If only we could leave everything and just go off the radar? Even if you can’t, you can always carry those vibes around with you. 

Vibes Offline Glass Case
Offline Glass Case

Adventure Is Out There

Yes, it is. If you believe it is out there, then no one is going to kill your vibes telling you otherwise. 

Adventure Is Out There Glass Case
Adventure Out Glass Case

Not Today

Yes, that’s definitely everybody’s Monday mood, but it’s also someone’s forever mood. 

Not Today Glass Case
Not Today Glass Case

Your moods aren’t just what you feel, it’s also the vibes you give off. At least that’s what we believe. This Vibes Collection is for you and your changing moods.