Why Are Privacy Screen Guards For Your Phone The Next Big Thing?

In the fast-paced digitised world, a phone is the storehouse of data, be it contacts, messages, emails, banking or even the smallest of the details of our lives. Thus, our phone it is the one thing where being secretive is justified.

What Are Privacy Tempered Glasses for phones?

Privacy tempered glasses allow using the phone in the public glare with complete protection so that the prying eyes cannot peep into the phone. Privacy screen guard enables you to use your device privately in public places without letting others peep into the confidential information. Like a regular screen guard, privacy glasses for phones can be of the PET film or tempered glass variety. However, our screen protectors are made with an additional anti-spy layer limiting the viewing angle of your phone’s display.

Why Are Privacy Screen Protectors for Your Phone Important?

Visual hacking may be a new term but is gradually becoming common. You may not even realise that the person beside or behind you is peeping into your phone while you are using the device to make an online transaction, surfing social media, or making a phone call. We all admire the large and bright displays of phones, but they aren’t promoters of privacy. You may search for different websites or scroll through various pages or search for a job which you may not want to reveal to others. So, to ensure privacy in public, the anti spy phone glass has emerged to be the next best thing.

How Does Anti Spy Phone Glass work?

A privacy screen protector has a privacy filter that enables the light to pass through from certain angles so that people around you trying to peep into your phone get a blackened screen, instead. Thus, your phone screen remains visible only to you. The screen protectors reduce the brightness of the phone for people viewing from sides.

What To Look For In A Privacy Screen Protector?

There are certain features to look for in a privacy screen protectors.

Micro-louver Technology: This technology in privacy screen guard enables better viewing experience in comparison to dark tempered glasses.

Tempered Glass or Film: If you are looking for a protective glass with full coverage, you might find it challenging to find, but a tempered glass with a protective layer can ensure complete protection.

Viewing Angle: This matters a lot as ensuring security is essential. It should also be narrower to prevent people close to you from seeing your screen as a more widescreen viewing angle doesn’t provide privacy. Similarly, too narrow an angle may impact your own viewing experience. You can find viewing angles of 60 or 90 degrees in most privacy screen protectors.

The Advantages of Privacy Tempered Glass for Phone

Privacy screen guards are the ultimate privacy solution for iPhone owners as it not only helps to keep away the prying eyes from your device but also works as a regular screen protector. Thus, it protects the phone screen against scratches and keeps it also safe during accidental bumps and drops.

  1. It ensures the privacy of your data and credentials in your phone. Apple iPhone 11 privacy screen protectors are there for sale on our website.
  2. Other than bank details, login credentials, etc., you do not want anybody to peep at what you are browsing or texting someone. This, too, can be prevented with a privacy screen protector.
  3. It also protects from scratches and damages due to accidental fall downs.

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Dailyobjetcs.com has launched an exclusive collection of privacy tempered glasses online. So, you can buy them from your home for a secured usage in public and even under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. We understand that privacy and protection of the data are very important since, with growing technology, crime, and theft have also increased manifolds. Thus, in this situation, an anti spy tempered glass can prevent you from falling prey to potential data hacking. So, if you own an iPhone and are still wondering how to keep your device secure, do not worry as we have come up with the solution. Also, you need not have to visit various stores to get a privacy screen glass for your iPhone. We will ensure the delivery straight at your doorstep.

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CLOAK Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone X: This privacy glass for iPhone is equipped with an optimised and adaptable privacy layer. It comes with an advanced side-view blocking technology. The glass has 0.333mm thin, oil-resistant, coating and is also smudge-free with an anti-fingerprint layer. This does not allow others to open your phone lock. The clear HD view retains special touch sensitivity. The privacy glass is highly durable and comes with an applicator kit so that you can install the glass on your iPhone easily. We also have a privacy screen protector for iPhone 12 available.

CLOAK Privacy Glass for iPhone XS Max: Check out this anti spy screen guard if you own an iPhone XS Max. If you want to protect your phone’s data from being stolen and misused by anyone, this is the one. The privacy case enables full edge to edge coverage so that your iPhone is fully covered. The Ion-exchange strengthened, and ultra-premium glass ensures durability, protection, and privacy of your phone.

CLOAK Privacy Screens for iPhone XR: This privacy glass has been designed for iPhone XR so that whenever you are in a public place, you can use your phone without any worry that someone is peeping. The privacy glass iPhone is ultra-thin and keeps your phone safe from scratches, and also ensures protection from onlookers. iPhone 11 pro privacy screen protectors are also available online. 

We have launched this flagship product by conducting market research, and all our products undergo complete testing so that your device is safe and your data remains protected. Home delivery enables you to save your time. Easy return option gives you the guarantee that your investment is not going to be wasted.