KNOW your STRIDE : What’s your Phone Case made of?

When you are out in the market to shop for the best phone case for your phone, what do you look for? Protection, first. And then you think about how it shouldn’t be bulky and shouldn’t take away the aesthetics of your brilliant phone but at the same time it should be cool, stand-out, and be an extension of your personality. That is a long list, and very difficulty fulfil. 

But, not impossible. 

We designed STRIDE Cases by picking materials so thoughtfully that you wouldn’t have to give a second thought before purchase.

So, What’s the best phone case material and what your new Phone Case is made of?

STRIDE is made of three materials for an all-rounder result.

TPE- The innermost layer, more like a rubbery filament, the coloured part along edges is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer. This simple element of the phone is actually the champion protector. The groovy setting of the filament locks air in between gaps which acts as a cushion on meeting with a hard impact. Meaning, when your phone falls, don’t worry about dents on the edges because TPE has a bounce back virtue to keep your precious new iPhone 12 Pro safe.

TPU- An additional layer of protection for the edges, around the TPE, is given with flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane. This is a highly versatile elastomer that has properties, not limited to elasticity but also resistance to abrasion, grease, and oil. What does this mean for you? Along with protection, and ease in installation and removal from phones, STRIDE Cases give you an anti-slip grip for any mobile phone, especially Apple iPhone 12.

PC- It is the most widely used material in all great phone cases that promise protection. It is the material used in bullet-proof windows. We have Polycarbonate on our side because it is not just durable and strong but also flexible, weatherable, and customizable. Hence, a wide range of range of designs exclusively made for STRIDE Cases, and STRIDE Clear Cases. 

Ultimately, STRIDE stands for forward innovations that become a part of your lifestyle and adds value, with premium finish. STRIDE stands for more than protection. STRIDE stands alone in a market brimful of ordinary. STRIDE is India’s first of its kind. 


iPhone 12 new features-
Apple Launched a stunning set of phones on October 13th as an upgrade from the iPhone 11 series- iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max. The range of smartphones comes with high speed internet connectivity and efficient toggle between 5G and 4G, the display is also equipped with a Super Retina XDR Display, the edges are made of their flagship military grade stainless steel, and ceramic glass that is claimed to be toughest in the market.

Taking the iPhone 12 a level up-

Well, a phone with those Specs has to be protected in the best way possible. It needs a phone case that prolongs its already long life in a frame that endures the impacts of your routine lifestyles. Our Research & Development team spent hours in bringing you exactly what your iPhone 12 smartphone needs. Our new range of iPhone 12 cases – STRIDE Cases- are the first of their kind in India and a perfect match for all that iPhone 12 offers.

Uber stylish STRIDE CASES for iPhone 12 Family

Here are 8 reasons for you to buy iPhone 12 STRIDE covers from Dailyobjects

  • Made to endure- The iphone 12 STRIDE Cases are composed of TPU and TPE material, classically identified with protection and resistance. You can put the cases through anything, they deflect the effect from your new and beautiful iPhone 12 line of phones.
  • Fall Safe Certification- When your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max is in the STRIDE Case, dropping it won’t be a terror. The air cushion technology is tested from a 6.6ft height and keeps your iPhone safe.
STRIDE CASES for iPhone 12 Family protects the smartphone from physical damages
  • May you have a Happy Pocket- The STRIDE is a step above other phone cases available for iPhone 12 family- iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 12 Pro Max- because of its lightweight design and minimum thickness. Slide it in your pocket without letting the world know it’s there!
  • All rounder Edges- Doubly layered edges of the case are so graceful around the screen that you don’t have to worry about protection, no more!
Sleek, lightweight STRIDE CASES are perfect for low-profile and yet bounces back with air-cushion
  • Rise of the Rims- The bezels in the phone case let the iPhone 12 slide in easily and seals off all the dust and dirt particles from entering the case.
  • Grip that doesn’t Slip- The overall dependable PU Shell keeps the phone from slipping out of your hands. It’ll smother your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max for good. 
STRIDE CASES come with raised bezels and edges that keep the phone from slipping away
  • Doesn’t trap heat-  In contrast to the popular belief, STRIDE Case and other phone covers do not cause your iphone 12 to heat up. Most cases are responsible for trapping the heat of the device but STRIDE manages to win even on those accounts. The material used in making offers outlets for your device to breathe. 
  • Lasts as long as the iPhone- Sure, most phone covers begin to yellow over time, retain scratches from keys, nails, or other sharp objects. But STRIDE Cases are lined with PU that resists abrasions and keep your phone new for a long time.
Longevity of the iPhone 12 Family is prolonged with the TPU/TPE material used

With all those benefits of the iPhone 12 STRIDE Covers, we bet you can’t wait to get your hands on it. Who’s stopping you? Grab your covers, Find Your STRIDE, even before you get that beautiful iPhone 12 in your hands.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED to upscale your iPhone 12 Experience

Expectations rising, minds wondering- What will be new in the NEW Apple iPhone, 12th in the series?

How we predict to add to iPhone 12. (Source- iSpazio)

The World Thinks-

Experts all over the world are decoding the e-vite sent by Apple for their virtual event on October 13th, 2020. Although, far from conclusions, some predictions about the smartphones are pretty solid- High speed 5g Internet Connectivity, OLED display technology in 12 Hz display.

What we think-

For our astute patronage, we have been making predictions about the design and physical form of the handset. We believe the Apple iPhone is tracking back on their previous designs, specifically iPhone 4. A flatter edge for all its varying screen sizes, in models- iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

How we have worked around what you seek-

As a result, we will be bringing, to your iPhone 12 cases and covers– that would care for it without needing caring of its own. These accessories are thoughtfully aligned with features that would upscale your iPhone12.

How? Read on.

A Design Enhancer– A phone case that would retain the Smartphone’s tactile button finish, and keep up with the various models. A smooth finish to those (predictably) sharp edges.

A Safe Environment- Any smartphone as valuable as the iPhone 12- looks, features, and functionality- needs ultra security on all accounts. Perhaps from accidental falls, scratches, dents, and deformation.

Extension to privacy- iPhone has always been expressive about the importance of privacy. We invented an effective way to keep their words. A screen protector that will give you autonomy of your content- share it as you like and prevent it when you don’t. 

An all-encompassing seal- When you are carrying an Apple product, we don’t want you to carry it with trapped dust and lint, and eavesdroppers. The case and cover will be a perfect combination- an air-bag for your phone and secret-keeper for your screen.

What we are trying to say is that our solution is a care package for your iphone 12. It is everything you asked for and little more.
When? The launch will be around the same time Apple launches its iPhone 12.