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101 Secret Santa Messages to Celebrate this Christmas


It’s the most wonderful time of year. It’s the time when everyone is on their best behaviour because no one wants to be on Santa’s naughty list. Rather, we all strive to be good, kind, and generous to make it on the nice list. Because being on the nice list means we get presents.

And who doesn’t love presents?

We get them, we give them, and we absolutely love them. But there are two main things that make the present fun and an exciting moment for us to watch and experience. One is the actual gift itself. Finding the right present to give your loved ones can be challenging. But we’ve got that covered for you with our wide range of daily essentials, a perfect gift for anyone and everyone. The other thing is the message that goes with those gifts, secret Santa messages as we like to call them.
Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or a colleague, the right secret Santa messages for your friends and/or colleagues can make their entire holiday a memorable one, and yours too. Without wasting any more time, here are the best secret Santa messages and quotes of 2022.

101 Secret Santa Messages

Let’s get right to the Christmas messages from secret Santa.

Sweet secret Santa messages

  1. Tis’ the season of gifts on sleighs, cookies might be the reason for Santa to stay.
  2. A fragrant gift intended just for you. You’ll never know who sent it because it’s from your Secret Santa!
  3. You better not cry, you better not shout, you better light up, I’m telling you why! Secret Santa’s coming to town.
  4. Deck the halls with boughs of holly, this secret Santa is sure to bring you jolly holiday cheer. I giddily leave you a gift, I hope you like it.
  5. This year, Santa is early in spreading some holiday cheer. Look beneath the tree; you’ll grin from ear to ear.
  6. During the holidays I wish, Santa leaves crumbs for you. Not to hint at a kiss, but something more that’s true.
  7. I’ll tell you my name but it’s a secret I fear, but do not fret for the answer is near.
  8. Even though the weather outside is frightful, you’ll love this gift. Since I can’t tell you who I am, I’ll leave quickly now.
  9. Despite the unpleasant weather outdoors, you will be joyful because your gift is indoors.
  10. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! Secret Santa has got a gift, to make your Christmas day!
  11. On the first day of Christmas, your secret Santa sent to you, not a partridge for your pear tree, but something that will make you wonder; who?
  12. I enjoy serving as your Secret Santa. I’m happy to provide it to you. Enjoy and grin.
  13. All I want to see is your priceless smile, and so under the Christmas tree I leave your gift.
  14. You’ll never guess who got this gift for you. Because yes it’s true…I love you, I do!
  15. Like a snowflake, you make me melt. Merry Christmas from your secret Santa.
  16. Here’s a gift for you because I got mine this year; you.
  17. I love you from the top of your head to the tips of your mistle-toes.
  18. For you, I got these presents because it’s no secret I like your presence.
  19. Open the gift and remember to smile, I hope it sparks joy for the next little while.
  20. Your Secret Santa sends you lots of love! I think I sleighed your gift – I hope you enjoy it.

Funny secret Santa messages

  1. Oh my, what did you do? Santa’ got gifts addressed to you. It’s not one, or two, but lots of wishes from me to you.
  2. This gift is especially for you, from your secret Santa, but you can’t guess who.
  3. I promised to get you a gift, and I won’t tell anyone. And perhaps I was successful if don’t tell everyone.
  4. Bows’es are red, snowflakes are blue, I’m your secret Santa and I got this gift for you!
  5. This gift is unforgettable ‘cause our chemis-tree is undeniable.
  6. Dear Santa, Oh wait that’s me, you guessed it; a secret. This gift I’m regifting, just kidding, you deserve this.
  7. Merry Christmas…. or should I say Merry Kissmass. When you open your gift, I’ll be waiting under the mistletoe.
  8. Being your secret Santa is my longest relationship all year.
  9. Please pretend you like this gift. Merry Christmas!
  10. I hope you love this present that you basically made me buy for you.
  11. I got this at the market. It should probably be in the fridge and not under the tree.
  12. Are you Christmas? Because I’d like to merry you.
  13. This gift sleighs the competition.
  14. I ho ho hope you enjoy your gift! Best wishes from your Secret Santa.
  15. Yule be so sorry you got me as your Secret Santa once you open this… good luck! I mean… enjoy!
  16. Your box is empty because you borrowed my sweater and never returned it. So, Merry Christmas, enjoy the sweater.
  17. A round of Santa-plause for my gift, please! I think you’ll enjoy it.
  18. I apologise if this gift is overly Santa-mental, I desperately wanted to dig my Claus into it.
  19. As if the year couldn’t get any worse, I was assigned your Secret Santa. Sorry in advance…
  20. Who am I? … Who are you? Why am I here? Eh, whatever – here’s your gift. Hope it’s fine and whatever.

Secret Santa messages for friends

  1. This Christmas I want a lot, it’s not a matter of price but of worth. Another year of being your friend, I hope this friendship never ends.
  2. Santa is busy so he sent me instead. You may not know my name, for that’s part of the game, I’ve left you a gift beneath the tree to give your spirit a lift.
  3. Naughty or Nice, don’t think twice. Presents under the tree are here to win and should make you smile.
  4. It may be a Secret, but I know all of yours. Can you guess who? Merry Christmas it’s your Secret Santa. 
  5. I’ve hunted and hunted. For the perfect gift. I think this is the one. Now open it with swift!
  6. The perfect gift doesn’t exist unless I make you one. Here it sits under your tree, I’m glad that’s finally done.
  7. A little antidote for your resting Grinch face. Hope you enjoy your gift! Much love from your Secret Santa.
  8. I ran out of coal so I had to actually get you a real gift. Happy Holidays.
  9. It’s hard to get a gift for someone who already has me in their life. I mean, what’s better than that?
  10. Have your elf a merry little Christmas.
  11. This gift I’m giving because you already took it.
  12. Happy Holidays to my friend that sleighs all day, every day.
  13. I got the most purrr-fect Christmas gift for you.
  14. If you’re wondering why this gift is wrapped so well, it’s because I’m a gangsta wrapper.
  15. If I’m your secret Santa, where are the milk and cookies? Just something to think about.
  16. A funny note from your Secret Santa. Please laugh at the funny note.
  17. Somebody loves you dearly and thinks about you all the time. Here I am, your Secret Friend! Merry Christmas and have a happy holiday!
  18. Should you think twice about whether to be naughty or nice? This year’s presents under the tree are on for the win and should make you grin.
  19. What to my wondering eyes did appear? An opportunity to gift this to someone I hold dear.
  20. A mystery item, beneath the tree. It says “Secret Santa” but who could it be? Open me up and take a peek. When you see the new gift you’ll know it’s me!

Secret Santa messages for colleagues

  1. Holly Holly, let’s be jolly, tis’ your Santa colleague. Almost got you a dolly, but here’s something that’s not coffee.
  2. Christmas time has come, and it’s time for some fun. I’ll leave a gift and run, Secret Santa week has begun.
  3. This message is from your Secret Santa, your gift is where we keep the Fanta.
  4. When you’ve had so much fun and the day is done, a gift can be found where sleep abounds.
  5. Co-workers like you make work seem less of a chore, I hope that you don’t find this gift too big of a bore.
  6. Tis’ ‘s that time of year, my favourite season, but it’s not about me, and here’s the reason.
  7. I’m shouting, laughing, and howling. A humble gift has been left on your desk. Check it out and try, but you won’t predict me correctly.
  8. A little present for you! I bet you can’t guess who! Just call me secret Santa.
  9. I hope you love this gift as much as I enjoyed being your secret Santa.
  10. Your Santa’s name is one you don’t know, but unwrap this gift and the clues will show, just who got you, you shall know! So what are you waiting for? Open it, go!
  11. A gift for you, from your Secret Santa it’s true. Merry Christmas.
  12. And just like that it’s Christmas again, but like they say – time flies when you’re having fun. Thank you for making my year a little better.
  13. In honor of a colleague who brightens my day every day, here’s a gift that I hope will brighten yours as well.
  14. The only Secret about this Santa was how impossible you are to shop for.
  15. Definitely rigged this so I could get you. Merry Christmas from your not-so-Secret Santa (and stalker!)
  16. Sorry, no message here. I ran out of things to say. But after waiting all year, Merry Christmas, I hope this sleighs.
  17. This present is intended just for you. This is me, your Secret Santa.
  18. I hope this gift is enjoyable for you and makes you smile.
  19. Who do you think your secret Santa is? Whether she exists or not. Be at ease. Simply open your present and reveal the hint.
  20. You’ll recognize me as you open your present today. I had a blast playing your Secret Santa!

Secret Santa Quotes

  1. Although my name may be a mystery, I hope you like my gift under the tree.
  2. I’m giggling, laughing, and shouting with glee, for you I’ve left another gift, I bet you can’t guess it’s me!
  3. There’s someone with you on their mind wishing you the best Christmas ever. It’s me, your Secret Pal! Merry Christmas!
  4. In through the chimney I flew like a flash; lay down your gift, I hope it’s a smash!
  5. Yummy yummy jingling tummy, a tasty tempting treat. You’ll be surprised when we finally meet!
  6. Wishing you a white Christmas, so you’ll be stuck by the fireplace with me.
  7. Secret pal, although with an unknown name, to me you are special just the same!
  8. Away from the distress, throw on that new dress. It’s a merry Christmas, let’s seal it with a kiss!
  9. Your gift is Lit, but your boss ain’t. Don’t blurt out my name, or you’ll spoil the game!
  10. There’s always someone willing to divulge a secret. This time, it’s me! Merry Christmas from your Secret Buddy.
  11. Deck the halls with boughs of holly, tis’ your Secret Santa this gift will make you jolly.
  12. Christmas brings a lot of presence & gifts. Let this one be one of them. Merry Christmas!
  13. It may be hard to figure out who your Secret Santa is. But, since you asked Here I am! Merry Christmas.
  14. I know you will be wondering who sent this. But keep guessing!
  15. It’s the final days of the year when we all act a tad nicer, smile a little easier, and cheer a little more.
  16. Believe in magic. Believe in love. Believe in this Secret Santa in getting you a gift.
  17. Nope. Can’t tell. Won’t tell. It is a secret. Just open your gift and enjoy.
  18. I got you this gift, and I promised not to disclose it. I succeeded, hopefully.
  19. You wanted a rum, but please wait for your Secret Santa to come. Happy Christmas!
  20. Accept this gift with a grin on your face, and expect another soon in its place.
  21. Ho Ho Holy night, where the stars are covered by snow. Oh, this Christmas so white, I’ll go about singing ‘let it go’.

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