10 Best Gifts Ideas for the Women of 2021

Although each day is meant for celebrating the struggles that enable the women of 2021 to rise, 8th March is marked as an International Day to commemorate the achievements of women on multiple fronts, while still lobbying for accelerated gender parity.

We at DailyObjects have curated a list of 10 best ideas to congratulate the significant women in your lives with gifts that are not just functional but also mindful of their individualism.

1. The Angelic Type

You know, that angel face/heart who will appear out of no where just in time to get you out of a rut like it was no big deal. For them, gift the Halo-Apple Watch & iPhone Stand. It is a stand for your smartwatch and smartphone and a charging dock, it is their home for rest after long days on wrists and in pockets. It is what you thought you needed, but didn’t know existed- just like your Angle!

2. The Over Protective Type

We know her, we have sometimes endured her, but what will we ever do without her? She may be your mom, your sister, or your can-never-say-no boss. But they are always around to catch you when you fall and even keep you from breaking down. For them gift them the protection of Stride Clear Case and Cloak Privacy Glass Screen Protector. It may not be the same but the combination keeps the smartphone protected from fall damages and cracks.

3. The Champion Supporter

It is not possible that you don’t have that one person who will support you through your tough times. They are there to keep you from falling, and always keep you motivated in life. For them, gift the Osgo – Folding Laptop/Tablet Stand and Klamp – Phone Holder For Laptop/Desktop Screen. It is a combination of stands for laptops and phones to keep them in an upright position, while improving their viewing angles and multi-tasking needs.

4. The Pocket size Wonder

These people are underestimated for their timid demeanour, sometimes owed to their petite sizes. But wonderous they are when need be. If you know them, you know of their charm. Such is the virtue of the Wield-Pocket UV-C Sterilizer. It fits in your pocket yet it can sterilize the surface of nearly everything in your vicinity. A especially perfect gift to give in the times of Covid-19 virus.

5. The Workaholic Type

Don’t we all know this one hard worker who is always by their desk, hustling to fulfil visions? Sometimes we are them. Celebrate their hustle, and show them how awestruck their endeavours have left you. Gift them the Desk Trio Bundle- Limited Edition to keep them motivated and people around them inspired.

6. The Methodical Type

You only hear the phrase, ‘method to madness’ unless you have the methodical lady by your side. Its their passion to put things in a place, so much so that misplacement to them is literal explosion of nerves. Before that happens, gift them a unique combination of organisers to keep their edgy nerves calm. The tiny organisers, like Wrap Lock Cable Bind, Clip-On Cable Stickers, Oblong Silicone Pouch are an ultimate hack to keep cables sorted wherever you need them to be. And they are so nifty, easily housed in the Jumbo Taxi Organiser for when your methodical friend needs to get moving.

7. The Bold and Fearless

You know, that person who most finds owning their truth is the highest road to take and who aren’t afraid to take it even if it means admitting to follies. For that evolved woman of today, we created a set of artworks in the QUEEN Collection and put them on the most used/loved daily objects, These artworks are inspired from the women of 2021 who own up their lives and do so with as much vibrancy as possible. Gift your Queen a Tote bag, Crossbody bags, Pouch, Wallet, or a Phone Case and let them know you know they RUN THE WORLD!

8. The Elegance Epitomised

Elegance is not being noticed, but being remembered. And Classics are immemorable. For that person in your life who shall remain unhinged and classic, gift them a match for their grandeur- The Rose Gold Milanese Loop Watchband for Apple Watches. The watchstrap oozes evergreen on the wrist around a modern technology that is nothing short of wonders in itself. The loop is made delicately to innovate and match the modernity of the Apple Watch.

9. The Street Smart

You can’t deny the coarseness of the world out there, especially when your street smart Sheila keeps reminding you of it. They want to be prepared and always careful when they step-out, this Women’s Day equip them. Gift them the Keeper Tri-Fold RFID Wallet and the Scout Crossbody Bag to keep away them protected from the digital thefts while stocked with just enough of essentials as they head out in the brave new world.

10. The Tech Junkie

That one person who can never have enough of technology and latest gadgets, is a boon and a bane. She will be your go-to for tech advise (the boon) but you are their go-to when they need to crib about the mess their tech causes (the bane). The last gift idea (but not the least on DailyObjects) is for them and for you. Marshal Tech Kit Organiser is sorts and stores tech accessories for an organised desk and a hassle free travel bag. Marshal is designed to give all your tech Junk a special place to avoid entanglements and misplacements.

Are you still not sure where all your special ladies fit in? Just know, they don’t. They have a personality of their and anything you gift them thoughtfully would be just perfect. Find awesome gifts at dropped prices at https://www.dailyobjects.com/, only for a limited duration.

Checklist To Select A 360-degree Protective Phone Case

You know that a heavy-duty case is the best protective case for your phone but still wondering where to find the best of it? Well, your search ends at Daily Objects, where we have come up with a wide range of protective phone cases to ensure 360-degree protection for your phone. No need to visit the stores and waste your time. Instead, check out heavy-duty phone cases at Daily Objects, within your budget. We have covers for Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, Google Pixel, Motorola smartphone and many more. We also have covers for iPad and Macbooks. So get a smart and best cover for all your smart devices at Daily Objects.

How Do I Find The Best Protective Case for My Phone?

Finding the best protective case for your phone needs some homework. So gear up to find the best protective case for your phone.

Budget: Plan your budget first so that you can make your move accordingly. A good cover is a bit expensive, but when it comes to protecting your device, you should not compromise.

Read The Reviews: The best way to know which is the best protective case for your phone is to go through the reviews of customers who have already purchased the cover. It will help you know about the product deeply. Did not get the reviews for the product which you are thinking of buying? Or isn’t there any valuable review of that cover? Check the reviews of other phone covers from the same manufacturer to get an idea about the product quality. Or choose a site that’s reliable like DailyObjects – their covers make heads turn and also last really long.

Features: Have a clear idea of what features are you looking for in a cover. Edge-to-edge cuttings with precise openings for wireless charging are very useful.

Protection: This is an essential criteria, as we all need a cover to keep the phone protected and safe. Style definitely matters, but protection is the main priority. So make sure that the cover imparts full coverage and good protection. If you are looking for a protective cover, it will certainly not cost you more. So, plan accordingly as per your need.

The Best Way to Keep Your Smartphone Safe from Physical Damage

This question might have popped in your mind – what are the best ways to protect my phone from physical damage? Having prepared the list and done the basic research, now you need to check out the best covers to keep your phone safe and secured.

Go for Tough Phone Cases: You own a smartphone and want to increase its longevity and retain its capacity. If you keep changing the phones frequently by selling or exchanging them, then probably a tough case should be your first choice. Tough cases are capable of surviving any drops or bumps without affecting the phone. They do not add any extra weight to your phone. So get a strong case made of hard polycarbonate with a softer inner of silicone to absorb shock.

Look for Folio Cases: There is no substitute for a genuine leather case. They look classy and stylish and also provide overall protection to the phone. If you like to sling your phone in a bag, go for the folio cases. You also have the option to choose from vegan leather which is within your budget too.

Apart from folio cases, there are a few basic tips that must be followed to keep your phone safe and secured, such as:

  • Protect your phone from any moisture, and keep it dry
  • Keep away from extreme temperatures
  • Keep away from inflammable products

Ways to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

You own an expensive phone but often find it difficult to keep the device safe from dust, dirt and damage. So, check out some basic and effective ways to keep your smartphone safe:

Use Screen Protectors: Screen is the most vulnerable and prone to damage. So, it is always advisable to use a screen protector on your smartphone screen, to keep it safe from scratches, cracks. If your phone slips and falls, the screen protector may break, but the phone screen remains undamaged. Most of the phone brands provide a screen protector. Still, in case you need to change, ensure that the dimension of the screen protector is suitable for your phone. Any imperfection or unmatched fit on your screen increases the chances for your phone screen to capture bubbles in between your screen and the protector. Also, make sure that you follow the instructions to install the screen protector on the phone. Be patient while doing so as anything done in haste may create a reverse effect.

Go for Battery Cases: Battery performance is the most talked-about issue for smartphones. The battery life is the most affected owing to regular and more prolonged usage. So, you should get a battery case for your phone. But make sure that the battery case does not hinder charging and let you check the battery status at a glance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How often should I change my phone cover to ensure protection?

A. Check for any wear and tear and once you notice it, it is the time to change your phone cover. Also, check if the cover has lost its finish touch or has become slippery. Change your phone cover as they no longer provide good grip and increase the chances of getting slipped. A faded and dingy phone cover also needs to be replaced. A dirty cover will make your phone look dirty as well.

Q2. Which material provides the best protection to the phone?

A. For basic protection, select a cover made of silicone or rubber as they are shock-absorbent materials. Also, choose a case that covers your phone’s vulnerable corners.

With all the details and ideas, you can easily find the best, protective and heavy-duty phone cases for your phone. Get the best cover for your phone, and keep it protected and safe.

Tech Kit Organiser- Categorises your Tech junk’s Chaos

Never have we ever been this close to technology, than today and NOW. Our professions, vacations, conversations, and even mini excursions are impossible without technology leading the way.

With elevation of the tech we operate, the accessories that keep them operational are also upgrading. As important it is to preserve our beloved gadgets, so imperative is to maintain these accessories. No, not just stuffing in that old airline’s merchandised pouches. Those aren’t just outdated solutions but also hassling.

Well, of course, we have a replacement- Marshal Tech Kit Organiser. It manages the messy bags you take hours to sort, only by housing all your accessories in one place but without coming in each other’s way.

In Marshal Tech Kit Organiser categorise the chaos.


Is photography your bread and butter? Don’t you keep wishing for an outfit that would embrace all your memory cards, lenses?
Are you bit by the travel bug? How do you keep those tangling cords from wrapping your power bank?
Did the pandemic drop the bomb of online classes on you and the biggest dread you face is when you have to pack your set up and take those classes elsewhere?
Musician? Gamer? Designer? Artist? Corporate Chump? Full-time Freelancer? The Marshal Tech Kit Organiser is the answer to all the woes on this list, keeping up with the dynamic needs of urbanisation.

Marshal Tech Kit Organiser manages tech accessories and keeps you on top of your game even on the go.


Marshal Tech Kit Organiser can be fit into tense spaces without damaging contents inside.

The size of Marshal is its key feature for it is meant to fit in tight spaces without deforming because of the foam make of it. But that doesn’t compromise on the capacity of storage that the kit is enabled to accomplish. It stores everything from cables and cords, to charging plugs and power banks, from data cables to pen drives and memory cards, from wireless mouse and stylus pen to wireless earphones-just name it.


When we designed Marshal, we asked ourselves if we could make the same solution, similar storage units, but smaller. And we could. Marshal Mini Tech Organiser can in-hold only a slight less than Marshal but with same efficiency.

Marshal Tech Kit Organiser and Marshal Mini Tech Kit hold fast all the essential tech accessories.


You didn’t think we would make your functional Daily Object without having its own swag. The earthy vibrant colours of Marshal and Marshal Mini are perfect to upscale your look while upholding your essentials in a clean space.

Vibrant Canvas cover and contrast coloured cotton for inner pockets and fine accents.

Live on the website, Marshal is yours for you to explore and shop!

10 Best Functional Daily Objects you can gift in 2021

We bid 2020 a bittersweet goodbye, in an effort to keep close the memories it gave us with our loved ones. To all the people who made a difference to our daily lives, let’s gift them solutions to ease their days, like they did for us.

Here is a list of 10 Daily Objects that will work great as gifts in 2021, and will have more value than a Photo Frame!

#1 HALO DOCK STAND for all the times your buddy complained that their Apple Watch and iPhone hung loosely with charging cords. You will be the best friend, and we’d be in the corner smirking!

#2 THE WIELD, a sterilizer when you are on the go. I mean with a Pandemic looming large still, this had to be on the list of gifts to give. Show your loved ones your care by keeping them safe.

#3 Now that we are talking about the pandemic, how can we not talk about the new normal- Working from Home. DESK TRIO BUNDLE is a compilation of vegan leather desk mat, mousepad, and a desk tray that give any working an elegant edge.

#4 Apple Inc. has the world talking with their new launches- iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Mini/ iPhone 12 Pro/ iPhone 12 Pro Max. Here’s a collection of ultra protective STRIDE Cases in varied themes for the different personalities your loved ones carry.

#5 Laptops in this year have proven to be our best pals, sticking by us through thick and thin of 2020. This daily object deserves more support than ever in 2021. Gift it the support of Osgo Folding Laptop/Tablet Stand, designed for the ones that love working on the move.

#6 We all know that one person who is on the lookout for the newest Apple Watch. No! You don’t have to gift them the watch (they must’ve bought it already), the most giftable daily object for this Apple fan has to be the Tan Two-stitch Handmade Leather Apple WatchBand.

#7 The most loved daily objects of 2020 were anything that solved the work from home woes. But as we enter 2021, traveling is on our minds. For the eager beavers in your life, the most giftable thing has to be the Keeper Tri-Fold RFID Wallet to keep the currency & cards safe from theft while they explore the new normal world.

#8 2020 has put us in many situations, but the one that was stickiest to get out was when we couldn’t park the smartphones at the right angle to enjoy movie night with bae. Gift them, and get one for yourself, the Klamp – Phone Holder For Laptop/Desktop Screen .

#9 So the smartphones, laptops, and even smartwatches have a tinge of personality of their user, but the Airpods Cases don’t? How is that fair. In 2021, gift PONCHO Airpods Case Skin to that colourful friend of yours.

#10 How do we wrap up the list of most loved daily objects of 2020 without talking about the uber genius CLOAK Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector. A functional gift that protects privacy on smartphones, along with the screen damage. Lesser known fact- There’s a CLOAK for all your devices (get searchin!)

Why Are Privacy Screen Guards For Your Phone The Next Big Thing?

In the fast-paced digitised world, a phone is the storehouse of data, be it contacts, messages, emails, banking or even the smallest of the details of our lives. Thus, our phone it is the one thing where being secretive is justified.

What Are Privacy Tempered Glasses for phones?

Privacy tempered glasses allow using the phone in the public glare with complete protection so that the prying eyes cannot peep into the phone. Privacy screen guard enables you to use your device privately in public places without letting others peep into the confidential information. Like a regular screen guard, privacy glasses for phones can be of the PET film or tempered glass variety. However, our screen protectors are made with an additional anti-spy layer limiting the viewing angle of your phone’s display.

Why Are Privacy Screen Protectors for Your Phone Important?

Visual hacking may be a new term but is gradually becoming common. You may not even realise that the person beside or behind you is peeping into your phone while you are using the device to make an online transaction, surfing social media, or making a phone call. We all admire the large and bright displays of phones, but they aren’t promoters of privacy. You may search for different websites or scroll through various pages or search for a job which you may not want to reveal to others. So, to ensure privacy in public, the anti spy phone glass has emerged to be the next best thing.

How Does Anti Spy Phone Glass work?

A privacy screen protector has a privacy filter that enables the light to pass through from certain angles so that people around you trying to peep into your phone get a blackened screen, instead. Thus, your phone screen remains visible only to you. The screen protectors reduce the brightness of the phone for people viewing from sides.

What To Look For In A Privacy Screen Protector?

There are certain features to look for in a privacy screen protectors.

Micro-louver Technology: This technology in privacy screen guard enables better viewing experience in comparison to dark tempered glasses.

Tempered Glass or Film: If you are looking for a protective glass with full coverage, you might find it challenging to find, but a tempered glass with a protective layer can ensure complete protection.

Viewing Angle: This matters a lot as ensuring security is essential. It should also be narrower to prevent people close to you from seeing your screen as a more widescreen viewing angle doesn’t provide privacy. Similarly, too narrow an angle may impact your own viewing experience. You can find viewing angles of 60 or 90 degrees in most privacy screen protectors.

The Advantages of Privacy Tempered Glass for Phone

Privacy screen guards are the ultimate privacy solution for iPhone owners as it not only helps to keep away the prying eyes from your device but also works as a regular screen protector. Thus, it protects the phone screen against scratches and keeps it also safe during accidental bumps and drops.

  1. It ensures the privacy of your data and credentials in your phone. Apple iPhone 11 privacy screen protectors are there for sale on our website.
  2. Other than bank details, login credentials, etc., you do not want anybody to peep at what you are browsing or texting someone. This, too, can be prevented with a privacy screen protector.
  3. It also protects from scratches and damages due to accidental fall downs.

Buy Anti Spy Screen Protector For You and Your Loved Ones at Dailyobjects.com

Dailyobjetcs.com has launched an exclusive collection of privacy tempered glasses online. So, you can buy them from your home for a secured usage in public and even under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. We understand that privacy and protection of the data are very important since, with growing technology, crime, and theft have also increased manifolds. Thus, in this situation, an anti spy tempered glass can prevent you from falling prey to potential data hacking. So, if you own an iPhone and are still wondering how to keep your device secure, do not worry as we have come up with the solution. Also, you need not have to visit various stores to get a privacy screen glass for your iPhone. We will ensure the delivery straight at your doorstep.

Check Out Dailyobjects.com for Privacy Glass for iPhone

CLOAK Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone X: This privacy glass for iPhone is equipped with an optimised and adaptable privacy layer. It comes with an advanced side-view blocking technology. The glass has 0.333mm thin, oil-resistant, coating and is also smudge-free with an anti-fingerprint layer. This does not allow others to open your phone lock. The clear HD view retains special touch sensitivity. The privacy glass is highly durable and comes with an applicator kit so that you can install the glass on your iPhone easily. We also have a privacy screen protector for iPhone 12 available.

CLOAK Privacy Glass for iPhone XS Max: Check out this anti spy screen guard if you own an iPhone XS Max. If you want to protect your phone’s data from being stolen and misused by anyone, this is the one. The privacy case enables full edge to edge coverage so that your iPhone is fully covered. The Ion-exchange strengthened, and ultra-premium glass ensures durability, protection, and privacy of your phone.

CLOAK Privacy Screens for iPhone XR: This privacy glass has been designed for iPhone XR so that whenever you are in a public place, you can use your phone without any worry that someone is peeping. The privacy glass iPhone is ultra-thin and keeps your phone safe from scratches, and also ensures protection from onlookers. iPhone 11 pro privacy screen protectors are also available online. 

We have launched this flagship product by conducting market research, and all our products undergo complete testing so that your device is safe and your data remains protected. Home delivery enables you to save your time. Easy return option gives you the guarantee that your investment is not going to be wasted.

This Christmas Gift Them A Style Statement: Apple Watch Straps, iPhone cover, Laptop Covers

Looking for Christmas gifts online for your boyfriend or girlfriend?? Well, look no further! Because we, at Dailyobjects.com, have launched a unique collection of tech accessories for Christmas for everyone! 

Going to multiple physical shops to find outstanding Apple Watch straps, iPhone covers, and laptop covers for Christmas for your gadget freak friend sounds exhausting.What’s worse is that you may not even get the desired cover or strap in the stores. To resolve this particular issue, this Christmas, Dailyobjects.com has  a unique solution for everyone. 

Your girlfriend is an Apple fan? Give her a reason to flaunt more with the newly  launched  flagship collection of Apple Watch straps, iPhone cover and laptop covers, which will make for a perfect style statement. It’s one of the best christmas gifts online and makes for the best xmas presents for girlfriends

Why Are These Covers and Straps So Important and Perfect Gift for Christmas

Covers are not just to make your gadget look cool. In fact, they ensure all-round protection for your gadgets, which are delicate and need complete coverage. So, ensure overall protection from dust, dirt, accidental damage and scratches.

When you have the option of wearing different straps and flaunting them on your Apple Watch, why repeat? So if you are looking for some thoughtful Christmas gifts for boyfriend or secret santa gifts for boyfriend you are at the right platform. Just choose from the wide range of products and place your order. Be the best secret santa for your loved one. For more secret santa gift ideas for friends, explore the wide range of new launches at DailyObjects.com.

Things to Check Before Buying Christmas Gifts at Dailyobjctes.com

There are varieties of covers and straps available, but you need to be careful before making a choice for any gadget accessories for Christmas or any tech gift for men in 2020.

Material: Check the quality of the material and opt for liquid-proof polyester fabric with well-woven exterior and soft flannelette interior lining. It offers your laptop a well deserved, all-around protection.

The dimension of The Covers: Dimension of 5.6 x 11 x 1.1 inches is ideal, which makes it compatible with your 15.6-inch laptop or 15-inch MacBook Pro. Ensure the dimension of iPhone cover before you buy and provide complete coverage to the phone so that it protects against dirt and dust.

Lightweight: Opt for lightweight covers so that they do not add extra weight to your gadgets, since you need to carry them along with you.

Charging and Other Cables: Ensure that the laptop cover or iPhone cover has a proper edge to edge cutting, so that it does not interfere with the charging of the device.

Sweat Proof and Water Proof: Make sure the AppleWatch straps are sweat proof. As they are to be worn on the skin, they are prone to smell if they are not sweat resistant. Also, waterproof straps will allow cleaning when they become dirty. Laptop and iPhone covers must be waterproof so that you can carry them with ease in the monsoon season also.

Advantages of Laptop and iPhone Covers

1. Protection: The obvious advantage of using a laptop cover is to ensure protection against damage. Laptops are expensive and complicated electronic gadgets. They need to be maintained properly with care to have an extended life. Also, laptop covers protect the laptop from coming into contact with the lint. This is usually present within the bottom of luggage and briefcases. A water-resistant cover can safeguard your laptop against liquids.

2. Cleanliness: Covers prevent any dust and dirt from entering inside the laptop through minute openings. They also save time which you need to devote to cleaning the laptop. By repelling dust, you’ll be able to keep your laptop cleaner for a longer time, thus extending the shelf-life.

IPhone covers are needed to protect your iPhone from any accidental damage, which can be due to falling down of the phone. Also, the covers are mostly scratch-resistant; so they prevent any marks on your iPhone. Keep your phone clean, which eventually increases the shelf life of the device.

3. Waterproofing: Most of the iPhone covers are water-resistant. Thus, they ensure protection against liquid damage as well.

Buy Apple Watch Straps, iPhone covers, Laptop Covers As A Christmas Gifts for Men at Daily.objects.com

Check out the exclusive collection of covers and straps as a Christmas gift for your brother or your boyfriend.

We have launched this flagship product so that this Christmas you do not repeat the same boring gift and have many christmas gift ideas for friends. We want you to stand out in the crowd and surprise your loved ones with some amazing and stylish Apple Watch straps for Christmas, and covers for your laptop. Now, you can show how affectionate you are towards them and that your choice is the best. Choose amazing christmas gifts for your girlfriend  and express your love this festive season!

CLOAK Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector: WHAT YOU GET WITH IT?

The Cloak Privacy Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes with an Applicator Kit for hassle free, easy application of screen protector on the screens. The Kit is put together to disable mishaps and wastes that might occur while placing a screen guard, because we know there have been many.

The elements are thoughtfully placed to accommodate the evolution of our inconveniences. From stubborn residual dust, to misplaced to bubbled-up screen guards, the Applicator Kit is an ally for your iPhone Screen. 
In the Applicator Kit- Microfiber Cloth, Dust Absorber, Aligning Tray, Glass Screen Protector, and Wet Wipe.

The Applicator Kit

A Microfiber cloth is a prerequisite you expect with all screen protectors. The one available in the Applicator Kit is finely stitched and positively charged. This means that it attracts the dirt and dust, and grease of fingerprint smudges off your screen which are inherently negatively charged. 

The Microfiber Cloth

For better and spotless cleaning, use the Dust Absorber after. With the help of the adhesive property of the sticker, you can pull off the residual dust. 

The Dust Absorber

The Aligning Tray is precisely cut according to iPhones and ensures that the screen protector isn’t misplaced at any point. 

Now, HOW TO APPLY the Cloak Privacy Glass Screen Protector?

You can do it in three easy steps- 

Set Stick Swipe

Find the niches for buttons in the Aligning Tray and SET it around the edges of the phone.

The Aligning Tray

Once set, peel off the back film from the screen protector and STICK it on the phone screen. To stick the screen guard align the screen guard on one edge of the screen and then gently place it on the remaining edges.

The Screen Protector

For a Bubble-free, Rainbow-free result, SWIPE across the phone from left to right and from top to bottom with the wet wipe, gently. 

The Wet Wipe

Viola! You placed a Screen protector like Pros. 

DailyObjects is at your service, with efficient and nifty products that solve problems you otherwise ignored as trivial, Always.

KNOW your STRIDE : What’s your Phone Case made of?

When you are out in the market to shop for the best phone case for your phone, what do you look for? Protection, first. And then you think about how it shouldn’t be bulky and shouldn’t take away the aesthetics of your brilliant phone but at the same time it should be cool, stand-out, and be an extension of your personality. That is a long list, and very difficulty fulfil. 

But, not impossible. 

We designed STRIDE Cases by picking materials so thoughtfully that you wouldn’t have to give a second thought before purchase.

So, What’s the best phone case material and what your new Phone Case is made of?

STRIDE is made of three materials for an all-rounder result.

TPE- The innermost layer, more like a rubbery filament, the coloured part along edges is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer. This simple element of the phone is actually the champion protector. The groovy setting of the filament locks air in between gaps which acts as a cushion on meeting with a hard impact. Meaning, when your phone falls, don’t worry about dents on the edges because TPE has a bounce back virtue to keep your precious new iPhone 12 Pro safe.

TPU- An additional layer of protection for the edges, around the TPE, is given with flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane. This is a highly versatile elastomer that has properties, not limited to elasticity but also resistance to abrasion, grease, and oil. What does this mean for you? Along with protection, and ease in installation and removal from phones, STRIDE Cases give you an anti-slip grip for any mobile phone, especially Apple iPhone 12.

PC- It is the most widely used material in all great phone cases that promise protection. It is the material used in bullet-proof windows. We have Polycarbonate on our side because it is not just durable and strong but also flexible, weatherable, and customizable. Hence, a wide range of range of designs exclusively made for STRIDE Cases, and STRIDE Clear Cases. 

Ultimately, STRIDE stands for forward innovations that become a part of your lifestyle and adds value, with premium finish. STRIDE stands for more than protection. STRIDE stands alone in a market brimful of ordinary. STRIDE is India’s first of its kind. 


iPhone 12 new features-
Apple Launched a stunning set of phones on October 13th as an upgrade from the iPhone 11 series- iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max. The range of smartphones comes with high speed internet connectivity and efficient toggle between 5G and 4G, the display is also equipped with a Super Retina XDR Display, the edges are made of their flagship military grade stainless steel, and ceramic glass that is claimed to be toughest in the market.

Taking the iPhone 12 a level up-

Well, a phone with those Specs has to be protected in the best way possible. It needs a phone case that prolongs its already long life in a frame that endures the impacts of your routine lifestyles. Our Research & Development team spent hours in bringing you exactly what your iPhone 12 smartphone needs. Our new range of iPhone 12 cases – STRIDE Cases- are the first of their kind in India and a perfect match for all that iPhone 12 offers.

Uber stylish STRIDE CASES for iPhone 12 Family

Here are 8 reasons for you to buy iPhone 12 STRIDE covers from Dailyobjects

  • Made to endure- The iphone 12 STRIDE Cases are composed of TPU and TPE material, classically identified with protection and resistance. You can put the cases through anything, they deflect the effect from your new and beautiful iPhone 12 line of phones.
  • Fall Safe Certification- When your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max is in the STRIDE Case, dropping it won’t be a terror. The air cushion technology is tested from a 6.6ft height and keeps your iPhone safe.
STRIDE CASES for iPhone 12 Family protects the smartphone from physical damages
  • May you have a Happy Pocket- The STRIDE is a step above other phone cases available for iPhone 12 family- iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 12 Pro Max- because of its lightweight design and minimum thickness. Slide it in your pocket without letting the world know it’s there!
  • All rounder Edges- Doubly layered edges of the case are so graceful around the screen that you don’t have to worry about protection, no more!
Sleek, lightweight STRIDE CASES are perfect for low-profile and yet bounces back with air-cushion
  • Rise of the Rims- The bezels in the phone case let the iPhone 12 slide in easily and seals off all the dust and dirt particles from entering the case.
  • Grip that doesn’t Slip- The overall dependable PU Shell keeps the phone from slipping out of your hands. It’ll smother your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max for good. 
STRIDE CASES come with raised bezels and edges that keep the phone from slipping away
  • Doesn’t trap heat-  In contrast to the popular belief, STRIDE Case and other phone covers do not cause your iphone 12 to heat up. Most cases are responsible for trapping the heat of the device but STRIDE manages to win even on those accounts. The material used in making offers outlets for your device to breathe. 
  • Lasts as long as the iPhone- Sure, most phone covers begin to yellow over time, retain scratches from keys, nails, or other sharp objects. But STRIDE Cases are lined with PU that resists abrasions and keep your phone new for a long time.
Longevity of the iPhone 12 Family is prolonged with the TPU/TPE material used

With all those benefits of the iPhone 12 STRIDE Covers, we bet you can’t wait to get your hands on it. Who’s stopping you? Grab your covers, Find Your STRIDE, even before you get that beautiful iPhone 12 in your hands.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED to upscale your iPhone 12 Experience

Expectations rising, minds wondering- What will be new in the NEW Apple iPhone, 12th in the series?

How we predict to add to iPhone 12. (Source- iSpazio)

The World Thinks-

Experts all over the world are decoding the e-vite sent by Apple for their virtual event on October 13th, 2020. Although, far from conclusions, some predictions about the smartphones are pretty solid- High speed 5g Internet Connectivity, OLED display technology in 12 Hz display.

What we think-

For our astute patronage, we have been making predictions about the design and physical form of the handset. We believe the Apple iPhone is tracking back on their previous designs, specifically iPhone 4. A flatter edge for all its varying screen sizes, in models- iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

How we have worked around what you seek-

As a result, we will be bringing, to your iPhone 12 cases and covers– that would care for it without needing caring of its own. These accessories are thoughtfully aligned with features that would upscale your iPhone12.

How? Read on.

A Design Enhancer– A phone case that would retain the Smartphone’s tactile button finish, and keep up with the various models. A smooth finish to those (predictably) sharp edges.

A Safe Environment- Any smartphone as valuable as the iPhone 12- looks, features, and functionality- needs ultra security on all accounts. Perhaps from accidental falls, scratches, dents, and deformation.

Extension to privacy- iPhone has always been expressive about the importance of privacy. We invented an effective way to keep their words. A screen protector that will give you autonomy of your content- share it as you like and prevent it when you don’t. 

An all-encompassing seal- When you are carrying an Apple product, we don’t want you to carry it with trapped dust and lint, and eavesdroppers. The case and cover will be a perfect combination- an air-bag for your phone and secret-keeper for your screen.

What we are trying to say is that our solution is a care package for your iphone 12. It is everything you asked for and little more.
When? The launch will be around the same time Apple launches its iPhone 12.