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KNOW your STRIDE : What’s your Phone Case made of?

When you are out in the market to shop for the best phone case for your phone, what do you look for? Protection, first. And then you think about how it shouldn’t be bulky and shouldn’t take away the aesthetics of your brilliant phone but at the same time it should be cool, stand-out, and be an extension of your personality. That is a long list, and very difficulty fulfil. 

But, not impossible. 

We designed STRIDE Cases by picking materials so thoughtfully that you wouldn’t have to give a second thought before purchase.

So, What’s the best phone case material and what your new Phone Case is made of?

STRIDE is made of three materials for an all-rounder result.

TPE- The innermost layer, more like a rubbery filament, the coloured part along edges is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer. This simple element of the phone is actually the champion protector. The groovy setting of the filament locks air in between gaps which acts as a cushion on meeting with a hard impact. Meaning, when your phone falls, don’t worry about dents on the edges because TPE has a bounce back virtue to keep your precious new iPhone 12 Pro safe.

TPU- An additional layer of protection for the edges, around the TPE, is given with flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane. This is a highly versatile elastomer that has properties, not limited to elasticity but also resistance to abrasion, grease, and oil. What does this mean for you? Along with protection, and ease in installation and removal from phones, STRIDE Cases give you an anti-slip grip for any mobile phone, especially Apple iPhone 12.

PC- It is the most widely used material in all great phone cases that promise protection. It is the material used in bullet-proof windows. We have Polycarbonate on our side because it is not just durable and strong but also flexible, weatherable, and customizable. Hence, a wide range of range of designs exclusively made for STRIDE Cases, and STRIDE Clear Cases. 

Ultimately, STRIDE stands for forward innovations that become a part of your lifestyle and adds value, with premium finish. STRIDE stands for more than protection. STRIDE stands alone in a market brimful of ordinary. STRIDE is India’s first of its kind. 

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