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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Now that the celebrations have wrapped up, it’s officially Valentine’s Day’s turn to take the spotlight, and we’re all in for it! 

The celebration of love remains eternally beautiful. When it comes to expressing someone how you feel about them, or how much they mean to you, nothing can be better than your honest words. However, putting in some extra effort, and complementing the words with a unique and thoughtful gift is a delightful and enduring approach to celebrate and convey your feelings. 

To help you find a Valentine’s Day gift for Partner, we’ve rounded up 14 gift suggestions (of course!):

1. Utility Body Harness

If your partner loves to experiment with her looks, a statement Utility Body Harness would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. To add some more quirk and fetishcore, top it off with a mini Flogger charm.

2. Check-in Passport Wallet

If your other half is on a flight every now and then, be it for work or because they just love to travel and explore, a Passport Wallet is just right as their Valentine’s Day gift.

3. Vault Tech Kit

If your lovely valentine is a tech-head, what can be better than a catch-all tech organiser that keeps everything in order! Vault Tech Organiser has enough room for storing their essential tech accessories.

4. Key Tote

If your girl is an outgoing kind person, a Key Tote Bag would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. It’s a wardrobe staple that can be styled up with a cute dress for date nights and even smartened with the formals for office visits.

5. Orbit Fanny

We all love a good tote bag, but sometimes you need something smaller that can hold everyday essentials like a phone, wallet, charger etc. Orbit Fanny, as a Valentine’s Day gift for him, might hit the perfect note.

6. Morph Foldable Desk mat with Laptop Stand

This desk mat cum laptop stand calls itself a centrepiece of your workspace, and it would be a waste to argue. If they transform every space into their workspace, a Morph Foldable Desk mat with Laptop Stand would be an apt Valentine’s Day gift for them.

7. Charms and Keyrings

We have many more patterns in keyrings and charms, but a Heart Charm, paired with a red Bunny Mask is a no-brainer for Valentine’s Day. What’s the best part? These can be hooked to the belt loops, and even harnesses to amp up the style game.

8. Odyssey Backpack

Perception of what counts as an essential may vary from person to person, but we believe we’re hitting a big demographic by asserting that a classic backpack is a top choice for many. For a complete Valentine’s Day gift pack, pair it with Canopy Phone Sling, or as we call it– the mini odyssey!

9. 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Station

Surprise your loved one with the gift of convenience and power this Valentine’s Day! A 3-in-1 magnetic wireless charging station is a seamless way to charge the devices and stay connected at all times. Let your gesture express not only your affection but also your consideration for their daily needs.

10. Meridian Convertible Briefpack

Go beyond the ordinary and gift your special someone a Convertible Briefpack as their Valentine’s Day gift. Just like you two, it’s a symbol of adaptability– it seamlessly transitions from a sleek briefcase to a comfortable backpack, providing both style and functionality.

11. Love Pack

When in doubt, get something that screams love. This Valentine’s Day, express your love with Love Pack– a range of phone cases, showcasing  love in its diverse forms. Choose a case that resonates with your partner’s style and encapsulates the essence of your unique love story, providing a daily reminder of the enduring bond you share.

12. Mount Adjustable Phone Stand

This Valentine’s Day, gift your partner something that can make their life easy. An adjustable phone stand won’t only bring comfort to your loved one, but also make your video calls, movie nights, and cooking sessions easy.

13. Phone Lanyards and Cords

This Valentine’s Day, get for you and your beloved, matching Phone Lanyards. These stylish accessories not only keep your phones secure but also offer convenience as you go about your day. Turn a simple accessory into a meaningful expression of love that lasts beyond Valentine’s Day. Plus, just think about how lovely you two would look in matching lanyards!

14. Condo Apple Watch Charging Stand

Relax! We are not suggesting that you get her an actual condo, we are talking about Condo Apple Watch Charging Stand! This Valentine’s Day, surprise your tech-savvy boyfriend with a gift that complements his taste, turning this practical item into a personalised expression of your thoughtful gift.

Picking the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him/her is not a competition, but if it was, we are pretty sure you’d be winning hearts with your thoughtful gifts and gestures. If you still feel something is missing, or if you want to make a big, big statement, add to your surprise– a handwritten love note, and maybe an enormous bouquet of red roses!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your lovely Valentine.

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