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Start Strong: iPhone 15 Cases and More

Tech advancements are always thrilling, and with iPhone 15 launch around the corner, the excitement is likely to top-out, especially for tech-nuts and iOS lovers. 

To make your tech journey effortless, we are here to be your trailblazers!

With Apple all set up to redefine norms, we stand focused to offer a range of iPhone 15 cases and more in mesmerising designs and structures that are bound to leave you amazed.

In this blog, “Start Strong: iPhone 15 Cases and More,” we’ll take you through essential tips, tricks, and recommendations to ensure that your journey is nothing but effortless – from the latest iPhone 15 cases to the best ways to power and protect the tech, we’ve got it all covered. Whether you’re a veteran in the ecosystem or a new Apple user, sit tight as we are about to uncover the secrets to unlock the full potential of your iPhone 15.

Let’s get going!!!



When it comes to buying a new mobile phone, we often want to choose the best. Our preference of buying a new device depends on what fits our needs the best and makes us look stylish at the same time. However, what we often forget is that the quality of your new iPhone 15 case is equally important, considering the safety and security of your device. To make the whole experience easier for you, we have come up with a range of iPhone 15 cases that will keep your precious tech safe. Rest assured, all you need to do is pick a case or more, from the below, that goes best with your style:


One powerful combo to charge your latest iPhone 15 and other devices as well. The perfect solution for someone who wants to stay away from inconvenience caused by drained batteries and never-ending cable clutter. With the 65W power adapter and universal 4-in-1 cable, charge your iPad, iPhone, MacBook and Android devices. The best part? You don’t have to remove the MagSafe iPhone 15 cases before charging!


Owning a classic phone sling bag is as important as durable iPhone 15 cases for your latest buy. And we might be helpful in picking this as well.    

The sleekest from our latest collection, Kick Phone Pocket is minimal, and especially designed for the times when you choose to move forth unrestricted – carrying only the essentials. Boasting three compartments, it ensures seamless proximity to the basics– your iPhone 15, cards, cash and a small set of keys. Pick the Kick for effortless, everyday routines.


A wireless charging station is another must-have for your new gadget, in addition to the iPhone 15 cases, phone sling and charging combo. DailyObjects SURGE™ 2-in-1 Universal Magnetic Wireless Charging Station is one such minimal yet modern accessory! Combining the power of dual wireless chargers, it can charge upto two devices simultaneously–your iPhone 15 and Airpods or any other Qi-enabled earbuds. Enjoy a complete hands free experience– just mount your phone and rotate the head in any orientation. 

What’s more? 

One, the wireless charging station comes with a Type-C cable and a metal ring for easy wireless attachment.Two, MagSafe compatible iPhone 15 cases work seamlessly with the charging station.


Investing in good-quality protective screen guards is as vital as decent iPhone 15 cases. Ultimate protection along with a good visual is bound to improve your viewing experience. Screen Guard Protector is reliable only when it aligns and fits properly onto your phone’s screen, edge-to-edge. Ensuring oleophobic coating on the top layer of the guard is important to keep the screen safe  in case of smudges, fingerprints and water or oil spillage. Other important aspects to look for in a good screen protector are the rainbow effect and bubbles. Low quality iPhone 15 cases and screen guards are bound to cause problems– unstable grip, rainbow effect and bubbles on the screen can interfere with the overall iPhone experience.


In today’s fast-paced world, a reliable power backup solution for your phone is not just a convenience; it’s almost a necessity. Whether you are having a busy day out or facing unexpected emergencies, it is crucial that your phone is charged. DailyObjects SURGE™ Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack is a portable and powerful battery pack, designed to charge MagSafe enabled iPhone 15 14, 13 and 12 series as well as other Type-C devices. With a 10,000 mAh battery capacity, it delivers total power output of upto 20W, allowing you to charge two of your devices simultaneously– one with cable and other wirelessly. The battery pack works seamlessly with MagSafe compatible iPhone 15 cases, providing a convenient and efficient wireless charging experience.

Stay powered up, stay connected, and stay prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Now that we’ve done our part, it is entirely on you to start strong and have an exceptional experience. We offer a range of iPhone 15 cases and other accessories to ensure you’re well-equipped for every adventure.  

Explore now, and make the most of your new iPhone 15!

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