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A Stylish Solution for Everyday–9 to 9 Backpack

In the current times, everyone owns & loves accessories that make a statement. From exceptional clothing, to the latest bags, the race to chase the best never ends. As a trendsetter, you’d certainly agree that bags play a major role in our overall appearance, hence it’s only fair that we spend a lot of time choosing the right one. So if you are also looking for a bag that’s unique, comfortable and spacious, we would recommend you to get your hands on our newly launched 9 to 9 Backpack. A seamless fit for your lifestyle, it’s perfect for every outing- from your everyday office routine to a weekend getaway, 9 to 9 will never disappoint you.

To know all about it, keep reading.

9 to 9 Backpack

Crafted to let you store more than just office essentials, the sturdy and sleek look of 9 to 9 makes it stand out distinctly, giving your personality a chic look. With generous storage, it has space for a laptop of upto 15”, iPad, headphones, apparel, and much more.

This multifunctional backpack features a concealed slip-in pocket, accessible even without opening the bag entirely. This storage space is perfect for you to keep your phone, charger, and more while keeping them all secure and safe. Moreover, it offers carrying convenience as the backpack comes with three easy carrying options. One is the sturdy, rolled edge webbing handle for easy to grab and go, second one is the breathable shoulder straps and the last one is a unique addition which is a slip-on trolley sleeve on the back. The vertical pocket on the outside that can be expanded to keep your water bottle and can be packed flat when not in use. 

So, don’t wait and buy this 9 to 9 Backpack right away! It is available in 5 different colour combinations- Clove, Ivory Clove, Ivory Mustard, Ivory Navy, and Ivory Olive. All the colours are subtle and sophisticated allowing you to choose as per your preference. Moreover, the clever design and standard dimension of the bag are curated thoughtfully to ensure generous storage, versatile utility, and convenient carrying. Designed for a smooth transition from office to cafe, it looks equally well on the office as well as an evening attire, while giving you a mobility boost.

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