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How To Clean Laptop Cases Properly: 7 Useful Tips

Undoubtedly, our laptops store a condensed version of our lives, encompassing cherished memories to vital documents. Considering the significance of this device, it is imperative to protect it and that is when the laptop cases come into picture. If you’re wondering how to clean your laptop exterior, employing a gentle brush or a static cloth can effectively eliminate dirt and debris. Alternatively, you can dampen a cleaning cloth with a blend of water and isopropyl alcohol to tackle any stubborn stains.

Along with the laptop cases, it is also important to have protective eyewear cases and airpod covers to keep your sunglasses and airpods safe from unwanted damage. Moving on from laptops, let’s focus on laptop cases, let’s now shift our focus to laptop cases. 

If you are someone who constantly struggles with the question ‘how to clean laptop cases’, read thoroughly and discover effective methods for keeping them in pristine condition.

Useful Tips To Clean Laptop Covers

1. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the interiors of your laptop sleeves.

2. If there are tough stains on your laptop case, we recommend using a spray cleaner or standard dishwashing liquid mixed water to remove those marks. 

3. Do not wash your laptop covers in the washing machine as it can damage the waterproof coating on the surface of the case.

4. Opt for microfibre cloth instead of regular cleaning cloth or paper towels as it can scratch your laptop sleeve. 

5. Make sure that you do not use an overly wet cloth or sponge to clean the laptop sleeve as it can cause the liquid to seep into your laptop. 

6. Allow your laptop cover to sundry after you are done cleaning it. 

7. You can also vacuum the interior part of your laptop sleeve, with an appropriate attachment to remove any debris or dust particles.

The above-mentioned tips can serve useful for not just cleaning your macbook covers but also other designer messenger bags, leather passport covers or Apple AirTag cases. By adhering to these simple tips, you will be elongating the life of the covers as well as the contents inside. Furthermore, our electronics, especially laptops, harbour a lot of germs as they are kept on desks and other places that entail a lot of public usage. Therefore, cleaning the laptop sleeves as well as exterior is important.

How To Clean A Laptop Case: FAQs

• Can you wash a fabric laptop sleeve?

Yes, you can hand wash a fabric laptop sleeve in cold water with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water. It is advisable to not wash your laptop case in a washing machine with a harsh detergent.

• How do I remove fingerprints from my laptop case?

To remove fingerprints, take a microfibre cloth and dip it in some water or a mild dishwashing solution. This is one of the best ways to wipe off fingerprints from a laptop case.

• How do I clean the plastic on my laptop surface?

You can use a moist cloth to clean the plastic on your laptop’s surface. You can also use a screen-cleaning spray to clean the plastic.

• Can I use hand sanitiser to clean my laptop case?

To properly disinfect your laptop case, you can use a disinfectant wipe or spray some disinfectant solution on a microfibre cloth and use it to clean the surface.

• What liquid is safe to clean laptop sleeves?

It is advisable to never use a harsh cleaning agent to clean your laptop sleeves. You can either opt for water or a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol to effectively clean your laptop case.

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