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Skate Slider Phone Holder

Skkrrtt Skkkrrttt! Our perfect little Skate slider phone holder has slid into your cart! Get rid of bulky phone charms and holders and give our skater a chance to woo you. The skate slider is easy to use and gives you a super strong grip on your phone. It can also double up as a phone stand without getting creased or damaged regardless of how long you use it. Made of high-quality polyurethane, this phone holder is not only durable but also scratch-proof. Unlike most phone holders, the sleek and seamless style of our skate slide holders makes them fit easily into your pockets and purses without any hindrance. The best part? The adhesive that holds the sliding skate together is made up of a 3M gel pad that is reusable! You can safely remove it from one device and attach it to the other. Upgrade your phone accessory with style today!

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