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Piano Man’s version of staying motivated everyday

My journey didn’t start as a musician or a restauranter. I started my career as an engineer. But who says I had to stop there? My zeal to explore and get through the challenges of life had just begun. As adventurous as life could get, I never aimed to stop at just one thing.

My interest in music was seeded in me from my childhood itself. The more my father travelled across nations, the more chances I got to listen to the newest forms of music. That kind of exposure shaped my interest towards music and made me who I am today.

I stepped into the F&B industry in the year 2010, by opening a small bakery of my own, named Cake Away. Still not knowing if that was the end goal of my life.

Not only did I learn how to bake, but also to make every single thing possible on my own.

Soon enough, with a bit of ups and downs and roadblocks on the way,  I was finally  able to start the first Piano man Art Cafe and since then,  it has been an invincible journey.

My approach to life has never been to achieve one single goal, I always aim for many small things, attain them and then look for what’s next to come. And that’s what keeps me inspired throughout the day. I love being on my feet and keep learning new things with every passing day.

My bucket list to do new things has been neverending so far and I wish for it to be the same. From learning new instruments to practising salsa, I can go on and on with it and bring unbound creativity to life.

Amid all of this, to stay organised as much as possible, while also keeping my creativity alive, I make sure to always have a mix of notes on my tablet and appointments on my calendar. However, my goals of the day are never limited to just that.  Everytime I reach where I wanted to be. I always switch to the next best thing…

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