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What Inspires IAS Arun Sharma To Stay Motivated Everyday?

My spur to wake up every morning is engaging in new challenges, one step at a time.

Making mental notes, I commence the daily hustle to master those challenges and rival with the pace of the fast-growing world.

Everything that comes my way, I go for it with the zeal of not looking back, until I wholeheartedly master it all. It not only assists me to reorient my life but also keeps the newness thriving with every passing day.

This voracity was sown in me during my growing years when I witnessed my father single-mindedly working to accomplish his goals, overcoming a myriad of obstacles. It’s from those years of life that I assimilated that hustling is the way to great achievements in life. 

Talking about achievements, at any hour, if  I come across a daunting task, it’s my ultimate philosophy to break it down to many small targets. In fact, that’s how I’ve carved my path in life. With little resources at hand, consistency and hard work were my only mantras. And that certainly made me a true believer of the journey as I walked towards my pillars of achievements.

The greatest pillar that fills my heart with pride is the DBT mission that I put together brick by brick for 5 years. As a result, it changed the way the whole country looks at welfare transfer or social interaction. That’s the kind of massive impact I strive for.

“There’s no substitute for hard work, humility and tenacity.”
                                                                      Arun Sharma

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