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Season’s Best Phone Cases That Match Your Vibe

Have you ever thought that the way people carry and accessorize themselves says a lot about their personality type or at least gives an instant feel of who they are!!! Yes, the accessories speak, for instance- Phone Cases

Now is the time to let go of the stress over getting judged and admit you are curious about how psychoanalysis and personality tests work, if not much, then a little. Ain’t that right? 

In the current world when most people- be it your mother or grandmother, friend or girlfriend, in short EVERYONE is always glued to their smartphones, phone cases play an important role in their lives. As stated earlier, your accessory speaks and to make you aware of what your phone case says about you, we came up with an interesting phone case horoscope for you!

If you are Someone…

Who always choose Comfort over anything else:

Are you that one slacky person of the group who starts reclining as soon as they get comfortable or rather cancels the plan just to sit at home and binge watch your ‘feels-like-home’ show while you snug as a bug in your favourite corner of the bed? If so, DailyObjects Sidekick Phone Case Cover is the one for you. With a kickstand at the back, it allows you to rest your phone on its own while you enjoy the show.

Who often forget their Wallet at home:

If you keep forgetting your wallet at home while going out, chances are high that some day or the other you’ll get yourself in trouble. To save you from this trouble, we have come up with a perfect solution- DailyObjects Stow Phone Case Cover. It comes with a hidden wallet at the back for you to keep your cards because we know you’ll never forget that phone of yours.

Who never leave their Skateboard behind:

Are you someone who’s into gaming & sports and gets thrilled whenever you hear something even slightly related to gaming and sports? If yes then you are in for dual surprise. We have a whole collection of phone cases dedicated to the genre, Skateboarding and Video games to be specific! DailyObjects Rahul Kashyap Collection 

For the Happily Misfit Millennials:

Do you also roll your eyes at people who are clueless about the trending meme culture of your generation? We know how it feels and we also know what will make you feel thrilled. It’s one of the coolest from our Studio Collections with cheeky and quirky one lines at the back- The Srishti Roy Collection.

For the Comic Nerd of the Group:

“How can you get lost in a world that doesn’t even exist?” Do you get this a lot?  If yes then Nerd might as well be your middle name! Though we are very well aware that what others say doesn’t really bother you because you are more than happy in that superhero world of yours, we still have something which will make you feel better and add a dash of excitement in your life. It’s the DailyObjects K3 Case Collection which is inspired from a Japanese comic series K3- Klutch Kick Komic. So buckle up because you are in for a ride!

Who’s too much into Astrology :

We are convinced that everyone has that one friend who keeps on asking people what their zodiac sign is and then passes their judgement because they are the top astrologers they know! Looking at the rising number of people who are too invested in astrology, we won’t be surprised if you are that astrologer friend in the group. Well, for such wannabe astrologers, Dailyobjects has a Zodiac Case Collection which is full of creative zodiac artworks for you to flaunt your daily adventures. 

Just like the wardrobe, the choice of their phone cases also say a lot of things about them. Although there are some people who keep on changing their phone cases as per their mood and that’s when our psychoanalysis gets a little confusing. Anyways, all it requires is a good eye and good psychic and you will be good to go. 

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