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Classic Tote bag for Aesthetic feels

Stay atop all the latest trends and get yourself a classic Tote bag. Fumbling around tiny purses and bags for essentials is not the vibe anymore. With a large and in-charge tote bag, fitted with multiple compartments, zippers, and pouches, never lose anything in your bag! Did we mention that there is a separate pouch to store your bottle?? It doesn’t get better than this! Match your bag to your vibe and aesthetic with every new day and outfit. Custom-made leather straps and adjustable cotton straps with cufflink closure help you to adjust the length without compromising on comfort. Every inch of the fabric is made in India from durable and environmentally conscious dyes and full-grain leather so you can be stylish while being conscious of the planet. Your Buoy Classic Tote bag will stay with you through all trends and fads and stay evergreen in your closet for years to come.

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