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A bag to keep your essentials close

What’s the most valuable thing in your hand or vicinity right now? Chances are you might grab your phone or wallet and hold it close. Now, do you also throw them down your black hole bag and end up getting scratches and scuff marks all over them? Bid those days of manhandling goodbye and say hello to a new modern and protective way of carrying your valuables. The Shuttle Phone Crossbody bag will be the perfect accessory for your everyday outfit. Carry your smartphone, credit or debit cards, and cash with ease in this chic crossbody bag without the fear of damaging or losing them. Its inner body is lined with ultra-soft poly-suede for extra padding and protection from scratches and dangers of the outside world. Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors like Mustard Yellow, Sap Green, Crimson Red, etc of this custom-made soft-touch vegan leather bag and flaunt your style today!

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