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Fathers’ Day Gifting Guide- 2022

Fathers’ Day is around the corner and we are all well aware how tough of a task it is to find the perfect gift for our Dads, basically something which is minimal and useful at the same time. If you’re even thinking about asking them what they need, trust us on this, they won’t let you buy any present AT ALL!!!  But that doesn’t mean you don’t have ways left to show your love. This Fathers’ Day, stop procrastinating and go with the cliche- buy that wallet which the man likes but won’t buy because he’s still stuck with the wallet he bought in 1945 or that watch he likes but won’t buy because its expensive :’)

This year, grab the chance to elevate your gifting skills and spend all of your time in celebrations instead of looking for the perfect gifts for your fathers. Here’s your unique gift guide for fathers’ day filled with versatile products, just like the one we offered you on mothers’ day.

Father who Knows-it-all

Is your father the ‘Know-it-all’ member of the family? If yes then he must be the person who’s the best at planning things and organising it to the best! We know what he’d like the most as a present, it’s the DailyObjects Array Organiser with Planner which can be as versatile as his mood. 😀

The Travel Freak Fathers

If your Dad is fond of travelling and cannot wait to get away for a long relaxing weekend after getting fully drained from his job and daily chores, you can bring a factor of happiness in his life just by presenting him with something which adds a little more excitement to his getaway this weekend. The products you are looking for are the Passport Cover and a Voyager Dopp Kit.

The one who’s Cooler than the Ice

Yes, we know your Dad is the coolest of all (stop bragging).
If your Dad is a cool fella and likes to show it off every now and then, you’ve got to go for DailyObjects Dreamscape Phone Case Cover collection which brings life to a vivid dream journal and lets the user carry their daydreaming stance into real-life.

The Modern Tech-Savvy Dads

We all have at least one man in our lives who loves gadgets- be it an iPad, a smartwatch, a smartphone or any other tech product for that matter, they get happier just by spending hours playing and scrolling. The best thing to give to such Dads is DailyObjects QUAD Universal Wireless Charging Deck which can charge 3 devices at once.

Fathers who are never Off-the-Trends

You can never go wrong with the trends, can you! If your father is someone who likes to keep their personality stylish despite what they are up to, SCOOT Backpack from DailyObjects Tarp Collection is crafted especially to go with such a vibe.

For that Friend who acts like a Father

Every one of us has that one friend who is no less than a father to us…isn’t that right? 

For that Father Figure Friend, get the coolest eyewear cases from DailyObjects Eyewear range and remind them how young they still are  😉

Fathers who keep swinging between places

Managing the tiresome everyday chores and office schedules for ages, your dad deserves something which can make their life and daily swings a little convenient. Not to worry, DailyObjects latest messenger bag will do the job for you. This year, gift him a bag that can make their daily commute easier while staying trendy.

Who keeps on saying- “Time is Precious”

What can be the most thoughtful gift for a man who is fond of watches and can’t stop yelling about how precious time is? Oh, we know! It should be ‘something to accessorise their watches with’. Present them with DailyObjects Apple or Universal Watchbands and see them flaunt it wherever they go.

Pondering over something only makes the process harder. All you need to do is to take a close look at what he’s really into and what brings an instant smile to his face and you are all set to go.

To all the Best Dads out there, DailyObjects wishes you all a very happy and exciting Fathers’ Day 🙂

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