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Dailyobjects Platform Desk Collection The Designer Says…

Waking up every morning and bracing ourselves for the daily hussle had come to halt when Covid-19 hit the world in 2020. It took the working culture by storm and introduced us to what we now refer to as, the new normal- Work From Home. The process of evolving appeared long and made us struggle to bring out our maximum potential. It is then that we decided to imagine a solution and curate something that builds an atmosphere that promotes productivity blended with organisation.

We commenced our journey with an ardent desire to curate something that’s Imagined, Designed and Made in India. This process gave us the opportunity of  partnering with  local vendors and Small & Medium Enterprises to manufacture in India, what was conceived in-house.

Joining hands with JOT Industries, we curated a  combination of enhanced aesthetics and high functionality of what we call the Platform Desk Collection.

Read on to take a deep dive into the Designer’s perspective of how they unfolded the Platform Desk Collection.

A celebration of geometric innovation, the Collection is meticulously designed to help you curate a work-desk anywhere, while offering superior performance and comfort for prolonged hours and adding a pinch of expression to your table-top.  It has a  complete range of desk products including the Mesa Monitor Stand, Arete Laptop Stand, Cirque Phone and Pen standMount Adjustable Phone Stand and Striate Tray. 

Whether working from home or in the office, the collection brings life to the work-desk and helps you stay organised throughout the day. It is ergonomically designed to support improved body posture, avoid potential health problems and offer more efficient working conditions, something that plays a major role in the enhancement of productivity.

The unique attributes of this collection make it the ultimate ally for productive working and  a must-have for every working professional who values good design and is keen on having it around their workspace.
Each of these products use minimalist geometric design and have soft- rounded edges. Envisioned to be a convenient solution to a  cluttered table-top, it has the aesthetics to complement modern day gadgets like mobile and laptop and become an impeccable companion for a busy work desk.

The material used to design the collection is a deliberate combination of  highly-engineered aluminium and soft, natural wood. Aluminium helps to dissipate heat easily and maintains normal temperature of your device while wood becomes a natural touch-point for the user, reducing the fear of hurting fingers and protecting the device from scratches. Additionally, soothing colour palettes easily blend with the surroundings and calm colours reduce stress levels. 

We believe a  good work desk is ‘the choice’ to foster your creative mind and witness a rising graph in your productivity, which is why the Platform Desk Collection is a great achievement for us.

“An organised desk. An organised mind. A neat desk. A neat mind! The world’s greatest thinker!” – Bill Watterson

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