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The year is 2022 and a hybrid work schedule is the norm. You’re sitting in your home office, brimming with carefully curated flora— a remnant of your pandemic-induced green thumb. Pretty, personalized stationery floods a workstation with traversing cables, forging chaotic patterns. Practicality is for the workplace. Or is it?

Meet the Platform Desk Collection, made for the design purists— the ones with an eye for beauty in detail, still on the hunt for solutions that ease the everyday, even at home. It’s an aesthetically enhanced collection of workspace accessories that aims for high functionality, a guide to making the home office space, once makeshift, a place of pride and enthusiasm. Switching gears from fluff additions to pragmatic ones.

Created for a clutter-free experience, these are purposeful objects that maximise your time.

Read between the lines

With a minimalist approach, the contemporary collection flaunts geometric nuances that complement its host devices. These uber-sleek companions with rounded edges utilise space efficiently, all the while maintaining a calming visual harmony.

Colour Me Happy

Soothing colourways make for impactful accent pieces in a typically mundane setup, encouraging individuality in expression. Matte finish combined with the use of natural materials go easy on the eyes, invoking principles of colour psychology for better focus and a tranquil work environment.


Materials Matter

Thoughtful design meets innovative elements to bring you durable, premium quality organisers for every kind of desk user. The Platform Desk Collection is skilfully crafted from cutting-edge materials like powder-coated aluminium, wax-polished oakwood and smooth leatherite, providing long-lasting scratch resistant surfaces.

The Right Angle

The transformative series explores user-centric products laced with convenience at its finest. Optimal elevation and lightweight, ergonomic structures ensure correct posture avoiding strained eyes. Reinforcing imaginative builds, these lifestyle products are a no-brainer upgrade to instantly boost your productivity and speak to your style sensibilities.


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