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Exquisite Box Bags for unique personalities

The new diva is in town and she is here to stay and slay! The new Box Crossbody bag is a statement piece that is still so minimal, chic, and can be used by any person irrespective of their age, gender, and aesthetic. This structured bag is made of durable vegan leather in two rich colors, black and tan, with buttery soft poly suede inner lining for the ultimate luxurious feel. With an easy-to-access envelope flapping detail that is enclosed by a hidden magnetic closure, this bag will become the centre of attention among all your friends and family in no time. Fit your entire smartphone, wallet, glam needs, and other daily essentials in a spacious pouch. It also contains an internal metal zipper pocket where you can store valuables such as cards and hard cash. Welcome the new and unique way of making a statement, and the only time we’ll tell you to think inside the box! P. S. Also works as only one of the BEST gifts ever for anyone in your life!

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