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Summer-Ready Bags For Everywhere You Go

Accessorise your way to happiness this summer with our catalogue of colour-infused bags. From groovy prints throwing it back to the aughts to cool neutrals for the forthright, have yourself a plentiful dip in the dopamine pond – there’s room for us all.

Owing to their strong problem-solving foundations, the designers here at Daily Objects have form and function locked down. But where do we rate on the fashion scale? Let’s put these bags to the test as we throw your way occasions that mark the season of sunshine.

Boozy Brunch

Behold ladies’ night equivalent of the summer – quality time spent with your bunch for essential downloads and daytime drinking. It’s also an opportunity to flaunt your spoils to the jury, so look cute!

Our pick: Cool Carolina Sol Box Shoulder Bag

Style with: Contrasting A-line dress with sneakers and your favourite reflectives.


Almost as special a day as pay day. Pack a picnic lunch and some light reading for a day of surrender with your partner. Our totes are roomy and feature bold patterns to take your loungewear outdoors.

Our pick: Wavey Green Fatty Tote Bag

Style with: Relaxed co-ord set in light fabrics, paired with funky slides that flatter your hand-held.

Dirty Dancing

On nights you put on your dancing shoes, and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Also for nights that feel adventurous, take a page from the maximalist’s handbook, always.

Our pick: Hey Good Lookin TallBoi Crossbody Bag

Style with: Print on print with a graphic tee and your most eccentric trousers.

Music Maketh Man

If summer festivals are your jam, but their outrageous dress codes make you anxious, turn to colour-blocking with basics. Have your must-haves on hand to enjoy yourself – loud and proud.

Our pick: Orange Courier Pouch

Style with: Denim cut-offs and chunky combat boots (face-paint optional)

All Day, All Night

Long summer days often turn into spontaneous nights, and nights turn into woeful workdays. Youthful schedules call for all-weathering solutions, fabulousness intact. Our overnighters duffle are not only spacious but contemporary catch-alls with sleek aesthetics. Say hello to your best buddy.

Our pick: Mustard Yellow Swing Duffle

Style with: Everything!

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