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What’s a Psychologist’s idea of an organised desk?

Poetry, Art and Design shaped me into what I am today.

– Anne Philipose

In my young years, I wasn’t very sure of what I wanted to do in my life. I just knew one thing that I love to read and deep diving into why people behaved the way they did to resolve a wad of questions that I had on my mind.

And so Psychology came as naturally  to me as a fish to water.

From being someone who was effortlessly moved with life to becoming someone who could move others’ life and leave an impact, my journey has been an evident result of my undying urge to observe everyone around me.

Since then, there hasn’t been a day when I have woken up and not wanted to work or keep doing what I do everyday.

I wake up, water my plants, have my cup of tea, work out and commence the day on a peaceful note.
Making my way towards my perfectly organised desk, being the old-school person that I am, I open my daily journal and pen down every single task that I have to do.

An organised desk is a must for me, because I’m someone who loves to organise everything, from my mind to my surroundings and that holds a big contribution helping  me do things better.

In my 13 years of career my drive to stay motivated has been just one- to help people understand themselves better and also know myself more in the process.

Honestly speaking, my laurels are not achievements for me, but the impact that I am able to make in people’s lives. Amid all of this, one of the winnings that I consider the biggest was during the first wave of Covid-19, where we took group therapies of people who had been through a very rough patch in life. Trying to compensate for their loss and seeing them heal came like a big achievement to me. I feel tremendously satisfied seeing my clients living a better life and witnessing my humble contribution in that.

Who I’m today and what I want to be is because of the learning that my father gave me

“If you can do something, do it at your best”

And that’s something I’ll never forget.

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