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Rakshabandhan Gifting Combos For An Irreplaceable Smile

Amongst all the festivities throughout the year, Rakshabandhan receives the most excitement,  from all generations. A festival that celebrates the inextricable bond of siblings and gives  an opportunity to treat them with something thoughtful and special. 

We know you wish for them a world full of happiness and that’s only fair since your siblings are one of those people  you’ll always find standing right beside you through thick and thin. On this occasion, the siblings thread their memories together and exchange presents. These presents become even more special when you  put effort into observing them deeply. Oh we got you worried, didn’t we? Well, that wasn’t the plan (or was it? 👀))

We are very well aware of the dilemma you face while trying to find the perfect gift for your  siblings. Let’s look into some of the combos for different kinds of siblings and spice up the special day effortlessly.  


Those whose workplace is their second home- The 9-5 Sibling 

We can tell how much you care for them and we know what you are looking for! Whether your sibling works from home or office, you can always give them something which can make the most hectic hours of the day a tad easier. DailyObjects Mesa Monitor Stand is one such thing which can be of great use for them. In addition, the decent design and easy portability of Xorb Reusable Glass Cup is perfect to keep them hydrated  during rush hours. 

The begetters of the coolest trends- The Trendsetter Sibling

Whenever we notice any new trend around us, the first thought that crosses our mind is who is the forefather, isn’t it! 

Strongly built bag in funky colours is all your sibling needs, to be the talk of the town. DailyObjects Sidewalk Tote Bag,made from bright, funky tarpaulin is definitely something that can make anyone stand out from the ordinary. Along with this, present them with our Leather Airpod Case which provides protection and makes for an exceptional accessory to own and flaunt.

Those who keep changing the interiors- The Homemaker Sibling

Do you have that sibling who keeps on changing the interiors of their home and keeps annoying you because they can’t find that one perfect accessory? If yes, then you are at the right place Get rid of the daily dose of cribbing with a combo like no other. Shop Cirque Phone and Pen Stand and Squircle Felt Coaster Set now and make their days  happy with an aesthetically organised desk.

One who can’t keep away from shopping – The Spendthrift Sibling 

Are you tired  of your sibling’s shopping sprees and going out with them every now and then? We are sorry but honestly no one can save you. However, we’ve got a few things  which would make a perfect gift for your sibling. It’s the power combo of Dailyobjects Tandem Tote Bag and Cardsafe phone wallet so they always have cash and cards at hand and a bag to fill with the items they buy. 

Those who keep wandering- The Rover Sibling

Running away from home, either to the mountains or  beaches is your sibling’s favourite hobby and you are still jittering over what to give them this year? Well, we’ve got the right kind of  gifting combo for such wanderers. Its DailyObjects Pilot backpack and Foldaway Slim Eyewear Cases, basically the trip essentials gift kit.

The ones who never skip gym sessions- The Fitness Fanatic Sibling

Do you have a sibling who never compromises with their fitness routine? If yes then this Raksha bandhan, you have the chance to make them the happiest. Buy them , a combo that serves them as a daily motivation. The combo includes Swing Duffle Bag which has enough space to keep the workout essentials and Kiyo Active Bottle which will keep them hydrated at all times.

Your sibling is the only constant partner in crime and they deserve the best of everything. With a hope that our little gift guide will help you to finally choose the perfect gift and add more warmth to your relations, DailyObjects wishes you all a very Happy Raksha Bandhan.  <3  🙂

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