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11 Types Of Stylish Bags For Men

Men’s fashion is believed to be very understated and minimalist. The true essence of men’s fashion is to turn the aesthetic appeal of accessories and clothing into something that is impactful, not just visually but for a purpose as well. Over the years, the fashion industry has undergone a major revamp and it has become far more inclusive and accessible for people as compared to what it used to be. In the past, fashion was like a luxury which was afforded to a selected few who dared to experiment or spend! 

But now, fashion and functionality have joined hands to create pieces that aren’t just bespoke but super useful as well. 

When we talk about bags, the general perception attributed to this accessory would be that this is a women’s product. But not anymore! There are so many types of bags for men that they are going to be spoiled for choice. 

Historically speaking, men have always worn bags. They used bags when they ventured out for their expeditions, odysseys etc. The usage of bags by men declined after tailors started stitching pockets on men’s shirts and pants. (1) But if we were to examine this situation a little carefully, we will realise that men often find it difficult to carry their essentials because their pockets aren’t big enough to accommodate their belongings. Consequently, they are left with an awakened-looking bulge in their jeans/trousers/pant pockets. 

We have put together a list of the trendiest collection of bags for men that will help you ace your fashion game. 

List Of The Trendiest Collection Of Bags

Messenger bag

Messenger bags typically look like a sack and they are usually worn on one shoulder with the bag resting on either the same side or the cross side. You can wear them as a daily wear accessory to keep your iPad, AirPods, phone, keys etc. DailyObjects have a stylish collection of messenger bags for men, they will definitely enhance your style quotient while serving a functional purpose. Messenger bags can be easily used as men’s professional bags owing to their dynamic uses. 

Crossbody bags

A smart crossbody bag can significantly amplify the appeal of even the most casual-looking outfits, provided you buy the perfect crossbody bag that goes with your clothes. This bag can be super versatile as you can wear it like a matching accessory and house it to keep your essential items that would have otherwise crowded your jeans pockets. 

Crossbody bags come in different shapes such as:

Orbis crossbody bag:

These Orbis crossbody bags are circular in shape and typically come with zip detailing. The Indus crossbody bag is available in three colours on DailyObjects and you can choose a colour that appeals to you the most. 

Sunday crossbody bag:

The best thing about these stylish Sunday crossbody bags for men is that they are super spacious and you can carry a lot of stuff in them, in addition to your essentials. 

Tote bags

Tote bags have an open top and handle on either side. You can carry them in your hand or over your shoulders. Designer tote bags are slowly carving a useful place for themselves in men’s wardrobes owing to their utility. The midnight blue buoy tote bag by DailyObjects will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe and you will be able to carry it on various occasions. 

Duffel bags

Mens Duffle bags are categorically designed to augment convenient access to one’s belongings. These bags are lightweight and super stylish which makes it easy for you to carry them around. The All Clove trail weekender duffle bag by DailyObjects is one of the most stylish bags for men. 


Pouches are very useful as they can keep your belongings intact so that you don’t have to carry everything in your hand. Pouches serve a special purpose while travelling as you can easily keep your essential items in a pouch and neatly stack it in your suitcase. Pouches can be very neat and articulate packing of your stuff. The black vegan leather vault pouch from DailyObjects is amongst the most essential leather bags for men. These multi-purpose pouches will be a smart buy if you are planning to buy dance bags for men.

Bi-fold wallet

Bi-fold leather wallets help you safely stack your cards, licence and cash so that you don’t end up losing anything. These wallets have ample space to store your belongings without becoming too bulky and inconvenient while carrying around. 

Zip wallets

Zip-around wallets are appropriate for extra safety to protect your belongings from falling off. The ultramarine blue vegan leather zip wallet is a great buy for personal use or for gifting.


Designer leather backpacks are a more convenient way of carrying your essentials because the weight of the bag is evenly shared by both shoulders. The ivory clove 9 to 9 backpack by DailyObjects can be carried on a daily basis or while travelling. 

Laptop sleeves

Laptop sleeves and cases are typically larger than the laptop and they are specially designed to protect your laptop from any scratch, dust, bumps etc. the Khaki beige skipper sleeve by DailyObjects is available in four sizes so that you can take your pick as per your device’s size. 

Fashion is a subjective term and it can mean different things to different people. At its heart, the best kind of fashion is what makes you feel comfortable and confident. When a man chooses his bag wisely, it won’t just help him in adding oodles of charm to his entire look but will also provide a practical advantage. 

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