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6 Trendy and Funky Phone Cover Ideas

Phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We need a smartphone for almost all activities. Be it online shopping, recharge, paying bills, ordering food, or watching TV, we need a smartphone. We are profoundly engrossed and so involved that phones have become a small world now. So, it is quite common to get bored with the same pattern and features of the phone covers. Phone covers are needed to protect your phone and keep it safe and clean. But typical covers impart a look to the phone that often becomes a stereotype. So you may want to break the wall and flaunt the new stylish look of your phone with trendy and funky cover ideas. Get an insight into the trendy and funky phone cover ideas for your phone for a makeover.

How to Make Your Phone Look Funky?

Get the coolest and the simplest ideas to make your phone look funky, and flaunt the new style with elegance.

  1. Get A New Phone Case: This is an easy and simple thing you can do within your budget. Try this out whenever you feel like you are using the same old phone for a long time now. You can also give a new look to your existing phone cover if you have a tight budget. A makeover works best if you are using a simple phone cover. Stick silver stars on the phone cover, and it will look stunning. You can stick a jewellery charm on your phone cover as well. It will not only change the look but also impart a 3D look to the phone case.
  1. Create A Collage: Make one for your phone case from a magazine and see how the look of your phone changes.

How To Make Your Phone Look Interesting?

Tips to make your phone look interesting:

  1. Give A Floral Look to Your Phone Cover: They are always in demand and look fresh. So go floral at no cost. Pressed flowers are the best craft design idea which you can try on the cover. If you have a white phone cover, then go for this craft without a second thought.
  1. Experiments With Colours: Pick up your paintbrush and make a colourful pattern on the cover. Go simple and cut out water coloured papers and create your design and stick them on the phone cover.
  1. Get Glitters: This is one of the most common forms to give a makeover to the phone cover. Sticking glitters provide a relaxing look to the phone. You can also check out for glittering phone covers in soothing colours for a perfect look.
  1. Hand Work: This is the best artistic way to decorate your phone. You can always use your skills like making a thread pattern, embroidery or cross-stitch design. For your phone case to give a new look instantly and without much effort, glitters work amazingly.

What Are The Best Trending Phone Cover Ideas?

Check out the best trending phone cover ideas at DailyObjects. We have come up with an exclusive collection of funky phone covers for everyone. We know that every individual has a different taste and preference. So accordingly we have launched the flagship range of phone covers to give a makeover to your device.

If you like stripes as they never go out of fashion, you are in the right place. DailyObjects has a great range of striped phone covers. Colourful rainbow stripes, sweep pattern, tricolour sweep pattern and many more to find here. Get these covers for your phone to give a different look and do not stay bored with the same old design.

Zigzag is a new trend. In fact, zig zag is liked by both the youngsters and the elderly. They look classic and trendy. So check out some of the best zig zag covers such as the Turquoise and Purple Zigzag Case-Mate iPhone Case. It ensures full protection to your phone with its mate custom design. It also keeps your phone ultra-sleek and stylish. The cover is so lightweight and classy.

You will never say no to camouflage for they are not just trendy but also an icon of the Indian Army. So, get a camouflage cover for your iphone and give an all-new look to the same old phone. Flaunt it at the back of your Apple iPhone and stay classy.

You will love tribal patterns as they reflect the culture of Indian tribal villages. Just grab the best tribal designed cover for a tribal look.

Check out the mandala pattern for your phone for they look artistic and also give a new look to your phone.

You can also check out the triangular pattern or the abstract square if you want something simple, but a new look for your phone.

Try out the vintage pattern phone covers if you believe they are classier than any other pattern or design. So, give a try to any phone cover of your choice and feel the difference. These covers are not just trendy but also lightweight. So you will get a sleek look for your phone without any additional weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I make my phone look funky?

A. Get a new phone cover, customise your phone, and change the themes etc.

Q2. What is the trending phone case?

A. Camouflage design, floral prints, abstract and triangular pattern phone cases are the most trending nowadays for they look elegant and also give a completely new look to your phone.

So, now you have all the details for trendy and funky phone cover ideas. Grab a stylish cover for your phone so that you no longer feel bored of the same look. Changing the phone cover imparts a new look to the phone quickly and designing the covers are within your pocket pinch too.

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